Lisa Stover

When approaching a living transition, like a home move or downsizing, seniors and their families don’t often know where to start. Find a reliable mover. Choose a real estate agent. Compare communities. Ready your home. The number of choices, needed decisions, and list of tasks can be overwhelming

Lisa Stover and her trustworthy team at PRESTO® knows first-hand the need for a different approach. That’s why their one-stop, 8-in-1 Relocation Service flexes with the needs of each individual — with customized bundles using their local expertise. When you trust the award-winning Presto Process (TM), you’ll get worry-free guidance through all steps and every task of a transition. The result is less to manage, reduced stress, and more energy to make yourself at home. It’s practically magic.

Since 2015, Lisa has partnered with Kerry to provide a holistic and personalized approach to senior transitions. They work together seamlessly to relieve the stress of choosing and settling into a new home.

About SRES Realtors

An SRES® realtor is a realtor who has earned a special designation identifying them as an expert in downsizing, retirement, and other crucial aspects of senior living. For example, while many people move due to a job or change of scenery, a SRES® realtor understands the needs of senior homeowners, such as nearby doctor’s offices or hospitals.