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Lisa Stover

When approaching a living transition, like a home move or downsizing, seniors and their families don’t often know where to start. Find a reliable mover. Choose a real estate agent. Compare communities. Ready your home. The number of choices, needed decisions, and list of tasks can be overwhelming

Lisa Stover and her trustworthy team at PRESTO® knows first-hand the need for a different approach. That’s why their one-stop, 8-in-1 Relocation Service flexes with the needs of each individual — with customized bundles using their local expertise. When you trust the award-winning Presto Process (TM), you’ll get worry-free guidance through all steps and every task of a transition. The result is less to manage, reduced stress, and more energy to make yourself at home. It’s practically magic.

Since 2015, Lisa has partnered with Kerry to provide a holistic and personalized approach to senior transitions. They work together seamlessly to relieve the stress of choosing and settling into a new home.

What Kerry Quirin Has To Say

Lisa Stover can not only sell the client's home, but also help with the downsizing, packing, and moving which is so overwhelming to our seniors. When they fear that process, I feel so happy that I have just the right solution in Presto Real Estate's services!

About SRES Realtors

An SRES® realtor is a realtor who has earned a special designation identifying them as an expert in downsizing, retirement, and other crucial aspects of senior living. For example, while many people move due to a job or change of scenery, a SRES® realtor understands the needs of senior homeowners, such as nearby doctor’s offices or hospitals.

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