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Jeanne Rickard

Selling your home can be a complicated and multi-faceted endeavor. Jeanne funnels her real estate knowledge, design talents, dedication, attention to detail, and enthusiasm into creating customized solutions to meet your needs and guide you through the process from start to finish. Along with the Bridge Team and Compass Jeanne has the up-to-date tools and marketing to sell a home efficiently and effectively.  Her client-centered focus has earned her clients’ trust for many years.

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About SRES Realtors

An SRES® realtor is a realtor who has earned a special designation identifying them as an expert in downsizing, retirement, and other crucial aspects of senior living. For example, while many people move due to a job or change of scenery, a SRES® realtor understands the needs of senior homeowners, such as nearby doctor’s offices or hospitals.

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