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Choosing a senior living community is an exciting process. A Senior Living Advisor is there to enhance your senior living search and help you make smart decisions. How do you make a decision on which Senior Living Advisor to choose? We recommend working with a local Senior Living Advisor (connect with one of our advisors here!) because of their specialized experience in the area, among many other benefits.

Familiarity with the Communities in the Area

Local advisors visit the communities in the area often. They are apprised of any events, offerings, new initiatives, recognitions, and awards earned by communities. They can also quickly report the availability and pricing of the communities to you. 

With this information at their fingertips, a lot of the legwork is done on your behalf, and expeditiously at that. Advisors can connect you and your family to events going on in the area, and enhance your senior living education experience, even after you have chosen a community. 

Additionally, local advisors are familiar with the local market in terms of pricing and any current incentives. They can give you more accurate financial information on the communities that you are interested in. As the years go on, the prices of a senior living community may fluctuate, so local advisors have the advantage of knowing what the most recent price looks like.

If you are interested in touring a community, a local Senior Living Advisor can accompany you. They will be happy to walk through a community with you, and go over many questions you may have about life at that community. They can also meet at hospitals or rehabilitation facilities  with families in order to discuss next steps.

Personal Connections with Community Staff

Local advisors have worked in the senior living communities in the area, so they personally know the Executive Directors, Sales and Marketing Staff, and sometimes the clinical staff, as well. 

With a personal relationship established, our advisors have built a trusted bond over the years with staff at senior living communities. They share a collective goal in seeing that the seniors, and their families, are well supported and cared for. 

Along with being familiar with the staff at the communities, Senior Living Advisors may have personal connections outside of the communities. For example, local Senior Living Advisors may be able to connect you with elder law attorneys, financial planners, or SRES realtors in your area. 

Community Reputation and Culture

Local advisors are informed on the satisfaction levels and reviews of the communities. They are aware of the word of mouth in the area, along with the quality of the relationships the communities have with local hospitals. 

Moreover, local advisors know the culture of a senior living community because of the ease of ability to visit. They can determine if a community is more active or subdued, if they can take on a higher level of care, or if they take a lot of off-site trips, or prefer on-site activities. 

Senior Living Advisors are always there to help and guide you through the moving process, however, local advisors can offer you more benefits due to their geographical location. Senior Living Experts is happy to help you with any other questions you may have. Call us at 771-213-7212 or visit our website at

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