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Yesterday I went on a website that helps families sort out care for their loved ones.  Kind of like what I do but online.  So they had this really cool questionnaire and I filled it out with a specific client in mind.  She is pretty independent and we are helping her find a retirement community closer to her daughter.  She uses a cane occasionally, but other than that has no care needs.  She still drives and is sharp as a tack.  I know because I talked to her at length on the phone to try to learn as much about her so I can make the best recommendation.

So anyways, back to the online questions.  So I am zipping through pretending I am the looking for my friend I just spoke of.  I am sure they are going to give me a list of independent living communities when I am done.  They are asking me if I need help with dressing, am I still driving, do I have a feeding tube?  Questions so good I make a note to write some down.  I am always learning.

Then comes the memory or cognitive ability questions.  I know she doesn’t have dementia so I answer accordingly.  No, there has been no diagnosis.  No, she is not wandering away from home.  No, she is not having unusual behaviors.  But yes, sometimes she forgets to take her medication and remembers in the next couple of hours and takes it then.  Doesn’t everyone??  I do!

So my report comes back.  It says I need to run, not walk to my doctor and get an official screening for dementia.  I need to move into assisted living because I have displayed signs of forgetfulness.  I need to consider assisted living especially the ones that have the memory impairment neighborhoods because I am headed there fast.

And all I forgot to do was take my medication?   I better not tell them I spent 2 hours trying to recall and old acquaintances’ name or that I sometimes forget where I parked my car.

Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels.

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