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We are often unaware of how attached we become to our homes—and their contents—until it’s time to move. This can be especially true for those who have been living in their current homes for the past 30 or 40 years and must suddenly sort through a lifetime of possessions in just a few weeks. In these cases, moving is not just a physical process, but an emotional one as well. Because of the emotional and physical aspects inherent in preparing for a move, it can be helpful to work with a neutral third party such as a Senior Move Manager.

Senior Move Mangers are professionals who have the experience, availability, organizational skills and resources to make the move run efficiently. Most importantly, they have the know-how and objectivity to help with the very emotional process of sorting through possessions.

Senior Move Managers offer a variety of services to help with the moving process:

•    Customized floor plan of the new home.
•    Assistance with sorting and organizing to prepare for the move.
•    Arrange for donation or resale of items.
•    Hire and supervise the moving company.
•    Coordinate with realtors, renovators and other professionals.
•    Managing the move day details.
•    Packing and unpacking services.
•    Arrange and organize furniture and belongings in the new home.

Working with a Senior Move Manager can make the entire moving process less taxing on both you and your loved ones.

This post was graciously written for my blog by Marnie Dawson CRTS, Owner of Dawson Relocation - Professional, Qualified Senior Move Managers.

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