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If your loved one is struggling to complete everyday tasks such as bathing, eating, dressing, and using the restroom, they qualify for admission to an assisted living facility. If they suffer from memory loss or similar mental health problems, this is a good reason to move them into a retirement home that offers professional around-the-clock care. There are great facilities that provide memory care in the Lincolnwood area. But when is the right time to take advantage of them?  

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When is it The Right Time?  

When you are no longer capable of meeting the physical demands of your caregiving duties, it’s a sign to make the move into an assisted living facility with nursing services. As tough as this decision may be, your loved one deserves 24-hour care from medical professionals.  

How Can I Make the Right Choice?  

We understand it can be difficult to know which facility is best for your loved one.  

You can meet with an advisor in your area who will help you make the right call. With their expertise, you’ll find a community that has just what your family member needs.  

What Can Senior Living Communities Provide?  

Whether your loved one needs assistance with daily activities, or they’re suffering from chronic health problems, a senior living facility can improve their living situation.  

If your family member is facing memory problems, there are senior living communities that offer memory care in the Lincolnwood region.  

#1 Professional Care 24/7  

As a senior’s mobility worsens, they are going to need physical assistance with everyday tasks. A senior living facility employs overnight caregivers trained to properly care for elderly patients.  

Physical therapists are constantly available to provide the proper medical care for all residents. Some services include caring for wounds, monitoring the resident’s overall health, and managing medications.  

#2 More Spare Time  

More free time is a chance for residents to explore more fulfilling activities. Assisted living facilities offer a variety of hobbies for their residents.  

Some of these include:  

  • Meditation
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Crafting
  • Book clubs  

The senior’s assigned caregiver will narrow down the activities most appropriate for them depending on their physical health. Loneliness and social isolation are highly common amongst senior citizens.  

These daily activities allow residents a chance to socialize with other seniors while exploring their own interests!  

#3 Nutritional Meals  

When living alone, seniors may find difficulty cooking their own meals.  They may not know the exact foods and proportions their body needs to consume.    

At an assisted living facility, the resident’s assigned caregiver will construct an essential meal plan based on the senior’s personal dietary needs.    

#4 Serenity  

Considering all the wonderful perks a senior living facility has to offer, residents can enjoy peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about:  

  • Cooking
  • Diet
  • Safety  
  • Poor hygiene  
  • Feelings of isolation/loneliness  
  • Transportation  

Senior citizens want to live in a world where they can receive the best care and live comfortably. An assisted living facility is the best option to ensure your loved one has a stress-free life.  

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Are Assisted Living Facilities Safe?  

A major concern for a senior’s loved ones is security. When they’re unable to provide constant care for their family member, they want the reassurance that they’ll receive the care they need.  

The unfortunate reality is that when people age, their stamina and ability to defend themselves will weaken. They become more prone to falls, accidents, and injuries. In the right facility, there are trained, patient, and skilled staff on duty to ensure the well-being of the residents.  

Assisted living communities are specifically designed for the senior’s convenience. There are safety features incorporated throughout the establishment such as:  

  • Grab bars in showers
  • Toilet safety frames
  • Tub seats in bathtubs

At a senior living facility, residents have constant access to wheelchairs. The establishment’s fully qualified team conducts regular wellness checks to ensure every senior is receiving the proper care.  

Studies have shown that individuals 65 years and over are much more susceptible to falls as opposed to the younger generation. The facility must ensure around-the-clock aid for the senior to avoid such an event.  

Security monitors all entrances and exits 24/7 for the resident’s safety.  

Experts Who Care

When thinking of an assisted living home, many are plagued with the idea that their loved one will face abuse or neglect at the hands of unsuitable staff members.  A slew of upsetting stories has spread over the years, further deterring people from sending their family member to a senior living facility.  

A five-star establishment only hires individuals who are licensed healthcare professionals. A facility that is run by registered nurses and physical therapists is bound to be a healthy environment for seniors, freeing you of your worries.  

What Are Your Options?

Finding the best assisted living for your loved one is possible. It’s all about what you’re looking for. Here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for a quality senior living facility:  

  • Do costs for care increase as services are added?  
  • Will my loved one’s medical team communicate with me effectively?
  • What services should this facility provide to suit my loved one’s needs?
  • Will my loved one be happy and comfortable here?

For the best interest of your family member, it’s important to ask yourself these essential questions. This way, you can make the right decision for your loved one.  

Your family member deserves a senior living facility with well-equipped care providers who understand your concerns. A team with compassion and patience is the key to a high-quality establishment.  

Choose Wisely  

A senior living advisor can offer assistance to your senior living search and can ease the decision-making process. Their specialized experience in the field will land your loved one in the facility best suited for them.  

Care Worker Talks to Senior About Memory Care Lincolnwood

Looking for Quality Memory Care in Lincolnwood?  

Devastatingly, it is highly common for seniors living alone to suffer from falls.  If there’s no one home with them at the time of the incident, they’re unable to get the help they desperately need.  

It’s scary to think about the scenarios likely to happen when the senior is home alone, however, these thoughts cannot be ignored. Considering all the factors at play, the worst-case scenario is completely in the realm of possibility.  

An individual with poor physical or mental health will struggle to function properly on their own. Seeking out the right facility for your loved one is the best course of action. Please call us today for assistance.

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