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What's included in memory care? As our loved one's age, we may find the need for additional care for them to remain happy and healthy. When looking into next step care here are 5 features that most memory care communities incorporate (don't know what memory care is?).

The Physical Characteristics

Memory care communities are specially designed for seniors who suffer with memory impairment diseases. One important goal in designing these communities is that they are easy to navigate for seniors. Clear walkways with lots of natural lighting are crucial, proper signage can also be beneficial for some seniors. Visual stimulation is also important and included in memory care; this can be achieved in many ways including aquariums which have constant visual movement and can be quite relaxing to watch. Many seniors also enjoy colorful wall art. These communities are designed to keep stress and anxiety of seniors to a minimum while also being enjoyable places to live.

Specially Trained Staff

You will see a higher staff to resident ratio then you would in assisted living--it usually included comes in memory care. The staff in memory care is also specially trained and have usually undergone additional training before working in a memory unit. This added training really allows staff to understand the memory related diseases like Alzheimer's and be able to recognize progression of the illness. The training also benefits senior's daily life as the staff will learn activities and fit for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia and their special needs.

Security and Safety

In memory care safety and happiness of the residents are the priority for staff and they carry out this in a couple of ways. One of the common behaviors those with Alzheimer's or dementia express is wandering. To combat this turning dangerous many communities, have 24/7 surveillance and keep all doors secured. Memory care include an enclosed courtyard where seniors can enjoy the outdoors in a safe way. During the COVID pandemic, memory care communities are taken the safest measures possible.

Enriching Programs and Activities

Enjoyable and meaningful activities are crucial in memory care for both the senior's happiness and for their mental care. Many care facilities include both a variety of leisure and therapeutic activities in the social calendar to entice seniors of all backgrounds. This social and physical stimulation created by activities and hobbies can help lessen behaviors such as wandering, anxiety, and depression ( in seniors. These activities also help seniors to maintain their current cognitive abilities in an enjoyable way.

Customized Care

Every senior is different and so are their care needs. One of the best things about memory care is it caters to both a senior's physical abilities as well as their cognitive ones in a personalized way. There are varying levels of memory care ranging from communities for early dementia to late stage dementia seniors. Person-centered care is a top priority and each resident will have a personalized care plan tailored to their needs. This allows residents to get nothing short of the best care that they need to live out a happy and meaningful life.Regardless of your choice, your mom is good hands. For example, Brookdale, which has a little under 10 communities in Chicagoland, offers a private companion, trained staff 24 horus a day, personal assistance, and so much more. Whether in Barrington, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, Lake Zurich, Deer Park, Naperville, Bull Valley, Crystal Lake, Schaumberg, and the City of Chicago, senior living communities care options for your loved ones. Contact us to get in touch with a certified advisor who knows your area.

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