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The topic of senior living communities in Illinois can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. These communities offer independent and assisted living that encourages independence and lessens stress. With these services, seniors can live happy, healthy, and longer lives.

Retirees are mostly the ones who seek senior living communities, but they can sometimes be torn between wanting assistance and holding on to their freedom. Many are afraid that senior living might take their independence away from them.

Their homes may seem like the ideal place to grow old in because it’s familiar, comfortable, and offers many good memories. But sadly, as family members build their own lives and careers, it can quickly become a place of isolation, with numerous chores and overwhelming maintenance.

As we age, health issues can begin to multiply, and if you consider those ailments plus the thought of doing household chores, it can lead to a difficult way of life. This is something worth considering when thinking about turning to assisted living.

What’s beautiful about senior living is that these thoughts are very well considered. Senior living communities are well aware of the discomfort of living in a different environment, which is why these facilities are designed to look and feel like home.

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What Makes Assisted Living Different from Independent Senior Living?

Assisted and independent living both address the unique and specific needs of residents in various ways. Find out what type of senior living your loved ones need by consulting with a senior living advisor. But, for reference, here’s a brief overview of their differences.

Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living is a senior living service different from the usual conventional nursing home we’ve all been used to. It’s a facility that is carefully designed to create a loving, comforting, relaxing, and home-like feel.

Aside from receiving support and care, seniors are given the opportunity to engage with other senior residents and be involved in various community activities. Some of the tasks that seniors will be receiving in assisted living include bathing, dressing, laundry, escorting, medication management, and incontinence assistance.

All residents of senior living communities in Illinois are provided with three full meals every day, housekeeping services, utilities, activities, and outings to keep them entertained and stimulate their physical, intellectual, and mental health.

Who are suitable candidates for assisted living? If your loved ones are having a difficult time completing tasks or getting around on their own, then you should start considering the idea of assisted living. The usual case is when seniors forget to take important maintenance medications.

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In assisted living, your loved ones will get the help and assistance they need in a friendly and fulfilling environment. The assistance is there, but it won’t affect their independence. Everyone has their own unique needs. The kind of assistance your loved ones get will depend on the level of their needs. An assessment will be done by the nursing staff to help determine the kind of care your loved ones should receive.

Another way to know if your loved ones require assisted living service is if they recently experienced a bad fall, if they can no longer keep up with their nutritional needs, or when they clearly cannot complete daily activities on their own. If their safety and wellbeing are starting to make you feel anxious, then it’s probably best if you talk about the possibility of assisted living.

Independent Living Communities

Independent senior living communities in Illinois are a great place for seniors who want complete independent while simultaneously enjoying amenities commonly found in senior living facilities. Most of these facilities offer one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. They also offer additional facilities such as pools, fitness centers or gyms, libraries, recreation rooms, theaters, bistros, gardens, and relaxing outdoor walking paths. Housekeeping, utilities, transportation, meal plans, and maintenance are all covered in independent living.

This is an ideal option for seniors who are still able to maintain their active lifestyles, like being able to commute, drive a car, or have a job. Seniors who only require minor assistance and will not need 24-hour medical care can also benefit from independent senior living.

It is a wonderful option for seniors who are looking for new friendships and social activities. Included in the services are bathing and dressing, so if your loved ones are having difficulty managing these tasks on their own, independent living can help.

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Do You Want to Know More About Senior Living Communities in Illinois?

Growing old is a part of life, and part of happily growing old includes asking for assistance when you know you need it. People who are living with seniors should slowly introduce them to the idea of senior living. Explain the benefits and how their lives can greatly improve when they become part of this community.

One of the reasons why seniors don’t like growing old is because they don’t want to be alone. They are concerned about the possibility of being isolated. Let them know that they have an option to become part of a healthy and happy community that can assist them in their daily needs.

At Senior Living Experts, we’ll help you find the best assisted living and memory care communities for your loved ones. Our expert advisors will gather all pieces of relevant information needed so your loved ones can find an ideal placement that will cater to their needs, location, and budget. Before we make suggestions, we listen to your needs and preferences.

We only want what’s best for your loved ones, which is why we strive to offer the best services that will put a smile on their faces. Whether you need assisted living or independent living, we have you and your loved ones covered. Give us a call or browse through our list of services so you can learn more about what we have to offer. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs and options with you.

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