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While researching the average age of people living in assisted living I came across this definition on the National Center for assisted livings Website and thought I would share it here.Assisted living provides relatively independent seniors with assistanceand limited health care services in a home-like atmosphere. Assisted living services include 24-hour protective oversight, food, shelter, and a range of services that promote the quality of life of the individual.The philosophy of assisted living emphasizes the right of the individual to choose the setting for care andservices. Assisted living customers share the risks and responsibilities for their daily activities and well-being with a staff geared to helping them enjoy the freedom and independence of private living.Assisted living is licensed by state governments and is known by s many different names including the following: residential care, board and care,congregate care, and personal care. Assisted living care is not a substitute for but rather a complement to nursing facility care.Because there is no common definition for assisted living facilities, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact number of facilities. However, it is currently estimated that there are 36,000 assisted living residences nationwide. The "typical" assisted living customer is 85 years old. Three quarters of assisted living residents are female. About 68 percent of assisted living residents need assistance with bathing and almost half need help with dressing.Sounds right to us as we have helped people from age 50 - 100 but usually right around 85..and usually with some sort of memory loss as well. Not always, but pretty common.

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