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Group homes are residential homes that provide a homelike environment for usually under 10 seniors to reside. Some are licensed assisted living, others do not provide personal care assistance, but much needed support. The homes have 24 hour staff members who care for residents, provide activities, and homemade cooking. The pricing in our area can begin at $1600 per month for no personal care, but meals, activities, and 24 hour security and support. For personal care assistance, including things like dressing, bathing, and medication reminders, the cost is more typical to be close to $4500/month.Group homes are extremely popular on the west coast, Florida, and Texas. One Texas group home owner indicated that there are 280 group homes in his county, where in Chicagoland you may have only one group home in any particular county!These homes provide a very low care ratio, for example, there may be two caregivers for six residents. Not all of those residents need any care. The group homes also provide a family atmosphere, any concerns are met immediately, all in a private and quiet environment.Group homes are a great option for families to consider for their loved one. Their affordable monthly rate, personalized service, and smaller set up are just what some seniors are looking for!

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