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Senior Living Experts welcomes our new advisor, Bill! Bill answered a few questions as a way to introduce himself.

1.   Where Are You From?  

I grew up on the North Shore, in Glenview and went to High School in Wilmette and finished at Loyola University in Chicago.


2.   Who Are The People That Influenced You Most?

My parents and family. I grew up in a large family, 5 kids, and we were very close. My dad worked hard but was always around. He treated others with love and respect.  I also learned a lot about business from my first few Sales Managers. I am proud of what I do and value my partners.


3.   What Led You To A Career In Senior Living?

I had a 25 year career in advertising sales and wanted to move to a space where I could help others in a more meaningful way. I have a mentor who steered me toward Senior Living and I can say that I truly love working with Seniors and their families.


4.   What Is One Of Your Most Memorable Moments While Working In The Industry?

Although there are so many good solutions for Seniors out there today, I have become a really big fan of Memory Care. Memory care has become such an important part of what we do and is such a wonderful solution for so many that didn’t have that option in the past.


5.   What’s the biggest misconception people will have about your new position?

There are so many! I think the biggest is that people think every Community is an Assisted Living “Facility” and there is this false vision of very old, very sick people. Senior Communities are wonderful, active places full of folks living full and active lives.


6.   What’s your guilty pleasure?  

I don’t feel guilty in saying that I love to get away! I have a home in Door County and spend as much time there (on the water if possible) as I can.  I also love to spend as much time as I can with my kids who are some of my best friends.

Welcome to the team, Bill. We are so excited for you to help families in Wisconsin and in the City of Chicago!


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