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Last night I stayed up until 2 am to finish this book which I started this weekend. My mom gave it to me while I was in Florida with her and my dad to help them find an "active adult" community to retire too (which is a whole other story...)Anyways, this book had been recommended to me by several people and now I know why. I love to read, but I really haven't had the chance to since I started my own business two years ago. But this is a quick and easy read and it was nice to 'escape' into a book after such a long time.Its a story about a man who currently lives in a nursing home. A circus comes to town and it reminds him of the time he spent in his younger years with the circus. While that part of the story is very entertaining on its own, I really enjoyed how the author portrayed his life in the nursing home he was in. I particularly loved the character Rosemary who is one of the characters in the novel that is obviously a CNA at the home. She exemplifies what a true caregiver in that situation is all about and I have had the opportunity to meet many Rosemary's in my life. People who make a difference in a bleak situation. People who stand in for family, who care and who really want to help.I really enjoyed the whole book especially the ending. I hope you get a chance to pick up and read this book if you can and let me know what you thought.

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