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Today I will be touring more communities with a lovely lady in her 90's who has been in Florida for the past 30 years but is now lonely down there.  She is very independent but is considering moving back to Chicago where she was born, grew up, and where she raised her family.

We had a lot of fun on Friday when we toured some communities in the city.  She would be able to move to any of them and they (luckily) are all within her budget its just a matter of her making a decision.  She asked me which one I like best.  I told her I liked them all and would not have chosen them to visit if they were not nice places.  You have to go with your feelings is what I told her she needs to do.  You are going to know when one place just feels more like home than the others.  One place is going to put you more at ease.

So now we just have to see if she made a decision over this long weekend.  We are going to look at two more places this morning, in a completely different area just to compare.  What she has to decide is if she wants to give up the warm winters in Florida for the cold winters here in Chicago.  I know the thought of staying inside for a few months in the winter is not that attractive.  But my guess is most of the seniors in Florida have to spend a few months in the summer trapped indoors as the heat & humidity are unbearable.

So I look forward to hearing her impressions of the communities we look at today and seeing if what she decides to do!

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