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In visiting some recent clients in their homes, I realize more everyday that we work with what is truly “The Greatest Generation”. I met a 92 year old gentleman yesterday who works full time as a financial advisor! Yes, you read that right! He is nothing short of amazing! He had a surgery last week, and although he is home, he needs some extra TLC for about a month so that he can gain all of his strength back. He talked about not wanting to be a burden to his kids, as two of his kids sat across from him. They couldn’t interject enough that he is in no way a burden on them. The concern is at night, if he tries to get up, they don’t want him to fall from the weakness he is experiencing. We’re looking at his situation two-fold with both in-home care as an option, or a one month respite in an assisted living community in the area. It was amazing to me to hear him talk about getting back to work after this, and helping his clients with their financial needs.I met another couple today where the woman is very independent, but her husband has Alzheimer’s so needs care on a daily basis. They do have an in-home caregiver who they love, but they are wondering if it’s time to move. The fact that there are stairs in the home, both to get up to the front door, and to get up to the bedrooms, is concerning. Since the wife is part caregiver to her husband, we need her to stay as healthy as possible. This is often difficult when the care is so demanding, especially at night. We talked about the fact that they have had their home for about fifty years, and all of the contents in it that mean so much. I can only imagine the emotion that comes along with leaving your home of that long, and starting a new lifestyle at this point. However, with a progressive diagnosis, stairs to contend with, and establishing themselves in a community before a major crisis occurs, it’s time. As I was sitting there, I could feel their memories in that home. All the good times. But, there are more good times to be had, just in a different place, and in a different way, but thankfully, still together.

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