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Recently I received a note about term life insurance for seniors.  It is not a subject I know anything about, so I thought I would just share the readers note and the link to her article about it if you are looking for information on the subject.

Dear Lisa:

My name is Kathleen Firtle and I also enjoy developing content relevant to retirees. I particularly enjoy how your blog can aid seniors in the Chicago area! I really like how you can combine issues like financial planning, assisted living and local events to provide such a wonderful resource to seniors!

I see that you've written about seniors and taxes; however, did you know that term life insurance can help your loved ones pay estate taxes? It can be a great retirement tool!

I have recently written an article that may be of particular interest to your base of readers. It has been published on an informational life insurance site and advises retirees on things like: when they can still be approved for life insurance, the rates they should expect to pay, why they might want to purchase a life insurance policy and scams they should be wary of. It is very informative and compliments a lot of the content found on your site.

The article can be found here:

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