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Wish I could ride a bike that far.. what a great idea...

Alzheimer’s disease steals the future from millions of Americans. It robs spouses of their companions and children of their parents and grandparents; it erodes the health and financial resources of caregivers. For years, we’ve called on Congress to do something about this devastating disease. Yet funding levels for Alzheimer research remain flat and our nation still lacks a national plan to confront this looming epidemic.

The time has come to make our voices heard. Today we are launching the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride, a cross-country journey to collect 50,000 signatures asking Congress to make Alzheimer’s disease a national priority. Will you join us?

Sign the petition to make Alzheimer’s disease a national priority.

This summer, Alzheimer researchers are cycling with the Alzheimer’s Association in the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride, a journey from coast to capital to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and collect signatures for the petition.

The Ride begins in San Francisco on Saturday, July 17 and will culminate in Washington, D.C. on World Alzheimer’s Day (Sept. 21), where your signatures will be presented to Congress. Follow the Ride’s progress and sign the petition at

Whether you’re a scientist riding your bike cross-country, someone living with or affected by the disease, or a concerned citizen who wants to be part of the movement to end Alzheimer’s, you can make a difference today by signing the petition. Together, we can make Alzheimer’s disease a national priority.


Harry Johns
President and CEO

Alzheimer's Association

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