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Aging well and safely is a common goal for everyone, which is why it’s important to understand that living alone increases the risk of death. This increased risk can be attributed to a variety of reasons and can be addressed with some fairly easy decisions.

Why Living Alone Increases the Risk of Death

Studies have shown that living alone can result in a number of physical, mental and health issues that can result in increasing the risk of death. Most researchers conclude that the increased risk of death comes from a combination of reasons.

  • Loneliness – Studies(C*C) have shown that living alone can increase the risk of death in for seniors. Depression can result from loneliness.
  • Heart Disease – A study provided by JAMA(C*CC*C) concluded that living alone seems to have the physical effect of higher cardiovascular risks. These risks are increased when the person already has heart issues.
  • Socialization – Active aging includes being able to remain socially active. senior living communities offer more ways to stay socially active.
  • Functional Decline – Often referred to as “Activities of Daily Living” or ADLs, researchers feel that those who live alone and experience loneliness are at an increased risk for losing their ability to perform ADLs.  If you cannot care for yourself on a daily basis your quality of life will decline.
  • Mobility – Seniors often notice a decrease in safe mobility. Being unable to move around easily and safely is an important part of enjoying quality of life. Making structural changes & modifications to your current home can be much more expensive than simply utilizing a senior living facility that already has these modifications in place.

Why Living in Senior Facilities Can Decrease Risks

The focus of senior living facilities is to provide safe housing that accommodates the specific needs of the residents. Senior Living Experts can help you determine what works best for your particular needs while keeping in mind the needs of the future and your financial abilities.

  • Safety – The most important factor for any housing is to ensure safety. Senior facilities are focused on providing a safe place to live that is functional.
  • Accommodations – Hiring professional caregivers may be one way to help with activities of daily living such as light housekeeping, cooking, personal hygiene and errands. However, senior living facilities that are designed specifically to accommodate health, safety & functionality.
  • Changes – We don’t always know what is in our future as we age and finding a place that we feel comfortable in that allows for changes is one way to ensure that we aren’t forced to move frequently. Change isn’t always easy and the less change that occurs the easier it can be if you are dealing with other challenges in life.

How Senior Living Experts Can Help

Senior Living Experts offers free services to help you find living conditions that embrace aging safely. Living alone increases the risk of death but accepting a style of living that encourages quality of life as you age can help you live a healthier, happier life.(C*C) “Loneliness in Older Persons A Predictor of Functional Decline and Death” by Perissinotto CM, Cenzer IS, Covinsky KE., Archives of Internal Medicine - June 2012(C*CC*C) Journal of American Medicine – JAMA Research HighlightsPhoto by Windsor Senior Living

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