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An exciting night in television history for us last night! Dominic Chu from CNBC did report for PBS' Nightly Business Report that featured a clip with Senior Living Experts Founder, Lisa Sneddon.In the beginning of the month, we were contacted by a producer from CNBC regarding the show.  Lisa was asked numerous questions about the state of the industry and the current costs for care.This was part three of a four part series, Aging in America and this segment focused on the companies to watch for stock purposes.  Our nations aging population is going to need senior living and related resources so the gist is that you want to watch out for the big players in the industry and think about investing in their stock.  I actually spoke about one of the main reasons and benefits of choosing assisted living over home care which was the socialization aspect.

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Unfortunately, none of the other questions or answers fit into the focus (or the time frame!!) of this particular segment, but it was such an interesting experience from start to finish, and we hope to get the opportunity to do it again!Here is a link to the featured segment on the show : "Aging in America: the companies that benefit"And here is Lisa, sitting in front of a magical green screen for the first time!

senior living experts on PBS for nightly business report
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