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Recently we were contacted by a son regarding his lonely and isolated mother. She was living along and was not able to care for her home as she had done in the past. Her son took notice and contacted us right away. Kerry answered all of his questions and helped him select a few places that would be the best fit for his mother.Although she was skeptical, his mom agreed to look into senior living. They toured a few communities and fell in love with one that recently opened in the western suburbs.The staff understood that the transition was going to be difficult as this was such a big change in her life. They helped support her and she is now thriving in her new environment. Because she had been depressed and alone for so long, there was a lot of concern that she would not adjust which is not uncommon.After two months we are happy to report that she is active and participating in all the events at the community and is happy about her decision.And her son? He is at ease knowing his mom is safe and happy.Follow Senior Living Experts on Facebook and get to know how we can help you or one of your friends who may be going through a similar situation.Photo of Kerry Quirin, senior living advisor taken by John Cox - Downer's Grove Reporter

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