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Staff At Lincoln Park Senior Living Facilities Keep Residents Healthy and Happy

Most people know that physical activity is good for them. Often, they don’t like exercising but do their best to stick to a routine. Keeping active is an important key to staying healthy and fit.As people age, movement can become painful and sometimes dangerous. Their quality of life decreases and they no longer engage in activities they used to enjoy. They can end up sedentary and depressed.Senior living facilities recognize that their residents need to enjoy physical activities. Their recreational therapists plan stimulating physical and mental activities designed to help residents stay happy and healthy. The therapists coordinate with other staff members to meet individual needs.

A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body

Humans have long known that good health includes a strong mind. Researchers have confirmed that “fitness in an older adult population can have substantial benefits to brain health". Their experiments showed that connections in certain parts of the brain were stronger in fit people.Residents in senior living facilities choose from a variety of activities that make staying fit fun. They also have opportunities to learn how to do new things, which is a proven way to improve cognition. Activities are designed to present a challenge while remaining enjoyable.Staying active helps individuals continue doing the things they’ve enjoyed in the past, as well as slowing mental decline. Active people are also able to keep or regain a degree of independence. Staff members supervise activities to minimize the risk of injury. Various studies show that people with arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes benefit from regular exercise. Exercises that improve balance prevents many falls and injuries. Movement helps to reduce stress, and less stress is essential for maintaining good health.

Keeping Fitness Enjoyable at Senior Living Facilities

People often think of exercise as boring and can’t find the motivation to stay with it. Motivation isn’t a problem when a person is having fun. Recreational therapists know this and make sure to create activities that seniors enjoy.Exercise is structured and repetitive movement. Physical activity varies. It can be something like taking a walk one day and dancing the next day. Each type has benefits, and residents in senior facilities can choose from a selection of both types.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Living in senior living facilities means that seniors can choose from a variety of activities that make staying healthy and fit fun. Activities include:

  • Social
  • Physical
  • Crafts and hobbies

Physical and craft projects can be in groups or solo, depending on the resident’s wishes.


Activity directors organize a variety of social recreation. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Birthday and other celebratory parties
  • Get-togethers such as ice cream socials or sing-a-longs
  • Holiday programs
  • Musicals, plays, or skits starring residents

Participation is always up to the resident. Although everyone is encouraged to take part, no one is ever forced or made to feel guilty about their choice.


Senior living facilities also offer a variety of physical activities for residents to enjoy. There can include such things as:

  • Yoga and tai chi
  • Picnics
  • Excursions to public performances
  • Dances

The American Academy of Family Physicians says that “Regular exercise prevents chronic disease, improves mood and lowers chances of injury.” Recreational therapists ensure that exercise and physical activities are fun events that motivate residents to stay active.

Crafts And Hobbies

Almost every individual has a hobby or craft they enjoy. Living in a facility doesn’t mean they can’t continue doing it. They may also teach another person their special skills, creating a win/win situation for both.Senior living facilities include spaces where residents can have fun with crafts like quilting, painting, and knitting. Classes and workshops are available to learn a new skill or refresh an old one. Computer rooms allow residents to keep in touch with others or surf the internet.

Every Little Bit Helps

Activity directors and therapists recognize that lack of movement leads to loss of muscle mass. That, in turn, decreases strength and endurance. They strive to develop activities that match each individual’s physical and mental abilities.They consider a resident’s special needs, then carefully instruct and guide the individual. Each resident will be encouraged to do as much as they can to improve their health and fitness. Trained staff at Lincoln Park senior living facilities always balance safety with a resident’s dignity.Experts say that “Staying physically active and exercising regularly can produce long-term health benefits and even improve health for some older people who already have diseases and disabilities.” They’ve proved that even the least amount of movement can change how a person feels physically and help reduce depression.Mature adults often aren’t able to live as independently as they once did. Senior living facilities employ professionals dedicated to the physical and mental health of residents. Call today to learn more about how Senior Living Experts help seniors reduce their dependence by improving their health and fitness.

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