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Everyone needs a break which makes it prudent to seek respite care in Chicago; it’s okay to take a break. Respite care offers both the caregiver and the client a safe and secure alternative when needed.Caregiving for someone else is exhausting and everyone needs a break. Respite care not only helps consumers and seniors with a safe, supportive spot to stay, but also gives caregivers the opportunity to ensure client safety and overall wellness, while taking care of their own needs. Senior Living Experts can connect you with the assisted living facilities near Chicago that offer respite care for seniors and their caregivers.

Find respite care in Chicago: It’s okay to take a break

Take a virtual tour of respite facilities in Chicago online before arranging visits or stays. Also, read reviews and feedback from other caregivers and clients to determine the level of satisfaction and quality of care provided before making a choice. While beds may be limited, finding the right facility can make the difference in how smoothly and quickly the consumer returns home.

Benefits for caregiver

When thinking about respite care, consider how time away can have benefits for the primary caregivers. Often-times, the responsibilities, and care of an older or disabled person falls on the shoulders of one person, who naturally needs a break from time-to-time; some ways that respite helps the caregiver include:

Time to re-charge

Transitioning the senior to respite care for a few days gives the caregiver time to recharge. Taking time for relaxation, leisure, and family are important in order to combat the rigors of caregiving for someone that has medical needs or a physical disability. When it is not feasible for others to step-in and fill the role of the primary caregivers, respite care is a viable option.

Prevent burnout

It is important to avoid compassion fatigue when providing care to others by stepping back and giving yourself time to recuperate and relax. Burnout is often earmarked by mood swings, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and hopelessness; if left unaddressed, burnout can lead to compassion fatigue which can seriously compromise the care provided and the well-being of both parties.

Opportunity to coordinate care

A brief respite stay also provides family and caregivers time to coordinate care and ensure that their loved one has the supports in-place that are needed. Whether you need to hire help, train caregivers, or line-up services, respite provides a safe and comfortable place for the client to be during the interim.

Smooth transitions

Respite can also be an invaluable resource for situations that are not expected. For instance, an assisted living offering respite could provide the smooth transition needed for the senior to re-adapt to home, such as following the death of a spouse or caregiver illness.

Benefits for client and consumer

Respite care is perfect for seniors that want to return home as swiftly as possible, while also preventing possible rehospitalization, injuries, or hazards that could compromise their overall health and well-being. Some of the ways that respite aids clients include:

Post-hospitalization recovery

Respite care may serve as a rehabilitative stay following surgery or a hospitalization. This is a type of step-down from a skilled nursing facility, like a hospital or nursing home, and is motivated by the drive to return the individual to their home swiftly. Plus, the senior will have all the therapists, practitioners, and providers at their fingertips during respite, which may hasten overall recovery time and improve prognoses.

A safe place to be

If the senior experiences a situation or crisis that results in unsafe living conditions, a respite stay could be in order. For example, if a senior’s pipes-freeze and they no longer have running water, respite care may be able to accommodate them safely until repairs can be completed.

Support for rehabilitation

In the case of an injury, your senior’s provider may recommend a brief stay in a respite facility. This will provide adequate access to rehabilitative services to speed-up recovery before returning home. This also is a prudent option for seniors that live alone and that lack access to transportation or resources.

A supportive environment to thrive

Respite also fills a number of voids that could occur in the life of a senior living independently, providing a safe option during a crisis or emergency. For instance, during a hurricane or blizzard, a medically-compromised senior may turn to respite care to weather the storm. This provides a secure and supportive place during disasters that ensures their medical needs will also be met.

Don’t wait to talk to Senior Living Experts about respite care in the Chicago area. These services involve a process of eligibility and application, which can be done now to help preserve this resource later-on when you need it most. The support professionals at Senior Living Experts will assess needs and provide options for both the senior and the caregiver.

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