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Donna Erickson, creator of Fit Memory, shares a blog with us about moving into a senior living community, and some resources you can use while going through the process.

If you’re considering moving to a senior living community, you should be prepared. Some seniors may be worried about leaving their homes. Others may wonder how long they can stretch their savings to cover their stay in a senior living community. We’ve collected several resources about senior living and handling your finances. We’ve also added some tips about hygiene and cleanliness and finding new hobbies so you can enjoy your stay.


Choosing Senior Living


Deciding which type of senior living arrangement you need, will depend on how much support you need and how independent you are.


●     An independent living community allows for maintenance-free living with many opportunities to enjoy activities with other seniors.

●     If you need help with activities of daily living (e.g., bathing, meal preparation), then an assisted living community may be your best option.

●     Work with SeniorLiving Experts to find the right senior living fit in the Chicagoland area!


Financing Senior Living


These resources will discuss how to finance your residency at independent and assisted living communities, and your options for funding.


●     Learn more about funding your stay in senior living.

●     There are times when we may encounter difficulties regarding our finances when living in a senior living community. If this happens, here are some things you should know.

●     When you’re ready to make the move, search “local movers near me” and find customer testimonials and ratings about moving companies in your area.


Healthy Habits


Seniors tend to be more susceptible to illnesses, so we have to be more conscious about our health. Here are some resources for maintaining hygiene, sleeping better, and eating right.


●     Basic hygiene starts with washing your hands often. Here’s how you should do it.

●     What you should know to get quality sleep.

●     Eating right doesn’t have to be a major lifestyle change. It’s all about adding some healthy food into your diet to boost your immune system.


Have Fun Inside


Senior living communities are full of activities that seniors enjoy. These activities can also be educational and allow us to make new friends.


●     Arts and crafts are popular activities. There are so many choices available, depending on the community you live in. Here’s a resource about drawing for seniors.

●     There are many activities arranged by senior living centers. Learn more about them, but remember that these activities differ in each community.


With resources like these on hand, you can make smart decisions in regards to your choice of senior living, finances, healthy habits, having fun, and how to stay safe.

Donna Erickson is a retired public educator. She created Fit Memory with a few friends as a way to promote wellness among senior citizens with the hopes it will help inspire others to make the most of their golden years.

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