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A resident of Brookdale Plaza Lake View and her sister were granted the opportunity of a lifetime to meet the Blue Angels.  The wish was granted through an organization called Senior Wish.This past weekend the Blue Angels flew into Chicago as usual to entertain the masses during the annual air and water show.  But this time two sisters got to meet the crew in Gary Indiana.  Both have a fascination with airplanes and flying and the older sister worked as a riveter during WWII building planes.  She planned to be a pilot, but alas those dreams were not to come true.  However she & her younger sister have remained enthralled with airplanes to this day.Attached is a news clip from WGN that shows the ladies meeting the team, and gives a little back story on their history and lives.  It is so great to see how vibrant and young they both still are.  Most of the interior shots were filmed at the community!Real life Rosie the Riveter gets to meet the Blue Angels

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