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Senior Living Experts understands that promoting healthy nutrition in the elderly can be difficult. March is National Nutrition Month; a time to focus on healthy eating habits at every age.

Eating Habits Change in Seniors

We can help you find the services you need to help promote healthy nutrition in the elderly person(s) in your life.As we age our bodies change and so can our eating habits. Seniors who have dementia can be especially difficult. Here are some interesting ways to address changes in eating habits and promoting healthy nutrition in the elderly…

  • Consistency – Being consistent and having a regular schedule can be helpful. Many seniors like being on a schedule, even if it isn’t to the minute. It can also be especially helpful when dealing with dementia patients to have a common, regular day to look forward to.
  • Limit Choices – While you may think that having a multitude of choices can be an effective way to a way of meeting the nutritional needs of a senior, it can be overwhelming for those who have dementia issues. While you want to have options, keeping them limited.
  • Sneak in Veggies – Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Instead of spaghetti and a salad, you can sneak some of the fresh veggies into the sauce by finely mincing vegetables & adding it to the sauce while cooking (even blending the sauce with fresh spinach, peppers, etc. in a blender). Your meal becomes a simple dish of spaghetti, less fuss, less conflict. Click here for 40 ways to add healthy ingredients to your meals.

3 Things to Ask Chicago Assisted Living Facilities

If you’re looking to find a senior living facility and that you want to be sure is promoting healthy nutrition in the elderly you’ll want to ask a few questions.

  1. Variety – Ask to see a menu, current & past, to see if the types of food they offer. You’ll want to be sure there is not only a variety of entrée options but also the ability to fulfill the nutritional needs of your senior loved one. Ask how they handle when a resident doesn’t like the options or request something different. How accommodating are they?
  2. Rules – Find out what the dining room “rules” are and how they handle various situations. If your senior loved one has shown problems with eating, whether from health issues, dementia, or simply because of the changes they’ve experienced from aging, ask how the facility handles these problems.
  3. Staffing – Having a registered dietician or nutritionist will help promote healthy eating habits. Having meals prepared for the residents will provide options that can address particular needs of your senior loved one (diabetes, thyroid issues, dementia, etc.). Keeping a medical staff on hand will also be helpful if there are changes in eating habits, inability to eat/swallow or changes in ability, or weight (gaining or losing).

Find the Right Senior Living for Your Needs

Senior Living Experts can help you find the right kind of senior living facility to help you be sure your elderly loved one is eating healthy! Making sure you understand the nutritional needs of your senior is important, especially those battling Alzheimer’s. Join us in promoting healthy nutrition in the elderly this month by sharing this page with others!Photo by OakleyOriginals

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