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I am exhausted.  Haven't even had time to write in my blog!

Lots going on, some good and just a not so good.  In good news, Senior Living Experts is adding a new Advisor to help us cover the western suburbs of Chicago.  We have been recommending places out there since we started but now we will really be able to get in more tours and learn about some of the newer places that are going up.  We are all very excited to welcome the newest team member and I will tell you all about her in a later blog after we make everything official!

Last night, someone I know had a heart attack.  Luckily they were in the hospital when it happened.  But its still scary, and you still feel helpless.  What can you do to help?  It really brings what I do close to home.  I am sending out some positive healing vibes!

But back to work!  Now that American Idol is over, I can get back to the research I was doing for some families I am working with.  

(BTW - I really think Paula Abdul has lost it...)

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