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Pet Support for Seniors is on a mission to assist low income seniors to keep & care for their pets. These seniors are isolated, frail & living on fixed income and struggling to keep their animal companion due to lack of money or resources. Its a shame to hear that seniors who benefit from the companionship of their pet might have to choose between food for themselves or food for their pet.They kind of make me think "meals on wheels for cats, dogs & birdies.."The not for profit organization is relatively new but as they grow they hope to add grooming and vet services.What a great group to know about and maybe even get involved in. (They are in Chicago)Currently, PSS has partnered with several social service agencies inand around the Chicago area to distribute pet food to the seniors theyserve. They are providing food for cats, dogs and birds. With your help, they can expand our work to other agencies and provide grooming andveterinary services in the future.Pet Support for Seniors is 100% volunteer run and supported by generous donors who share a dedication to their mission.

Allfinancial donations assist our program in covering overhead costs,purchasing pet food, assisting with veterinary and grooming servicesand assisting in expanding our services.

Donations can bemailed to: P.O. Box 300114, Chicago, IL 60630-0114. On-line donationsare also welcome. Donations are tax deductible.

To date PSS has delivered

1,827 pounds of dry dog & cat food

2,144 cans of wet dog & cat food

60 pounds of bird food

50 pounds of cat litter

Other Assistance They Have Provided

$400.00 in vet care assistance.

Transportation for 10 round trips to vet appointments.

In-home dog walking and pet feeding

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