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Hopefully we can put fears to rest about tracking seniors and constantly monitoring their location in the future. While it may seem silly to some, the reality is that with the rate technology has changed and speculation about how to keep children from being kidnapped by using implanted GPS micro chips, you can easily see where this fear is based.The reality is that micro chipping a human is not currently a realistic technology. This article on micro chipping children explains it all.

Tracking Seniors Shouldn't Be a Fear as We Age

  • Technology - Current technology really isn't close to being able to implant a permanent tracking device in humans. Chances are we won't see it as a viable technology anytime soon.
  • Need for Monitoring - Tracking would only be beneficial for those who have a need for monitoring because of safety reasons, such as those with Alzheimer's or dementia in which they become "wanderers."
  • Costs - Considering the probable expense, it's not realistic that our government would require GPS monitoring for all people at a certain age (a common fear some seniors have). Even if micro chipping was available, it's fairly safe to assume it wouldn't be economically feasible.

Options for Tracking Seniors Who Are at Risk for Wandering

Here at Senior Living Experts, we will work with you to determine what would work best for you to ensure your loved one is safe from wandering off alone in the big city of Chicago. Options may include technology based devices, caregiving services while staying at home or a senior care facility.

  • Tracking Devices - We do not endorse any particular device; however, here are some of the latest technologies available:
  • iTraq - literally a brand new device that was recently brought to reality via an IndieGoGo campaign. The iTraq site describes how a credit card sized tracker uses cell towers to ping the tracker. This would require your loved one to have the tracker on their person.
  • Project Lifesaver - was created specifically with finding people in mind and in particular those who may wander. Their site explains how the system works and requires an ankle or wrist transmitter to be worn.
  • Bluewater Security - providing a wrist watch option that was created specifically for those with Alzheimer's and dementia who wander. Their website offers a few different options to choose from.
  • Senior Living Options - Many senior living options address having to have "locked" units or constant monitoring for those who are wandering risks. We specialize in helping you know the best option available when it comes to senior living; looking at all possibilities including how to remain at home.

Senior Living Experts can help you determine what your best options are if you're needing help in deciding how to keep a loved one safe. There is no reason to fear the future and the idea of tracking seniors when you have a number of realistic options to help keep you and your loved one safe, now and in the future.

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