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Each year, in May, the Administration for Community Living celebrates Older Americans Month and we're "Celebrating Seniors" with them!

Older Americans Month Focus

As you can see by their logo provided, this year's focus is "Blaze a Trail" and as a senior that can mean many things. Their focus is in 4 areas of making sure that you are the one to blaze a trail and create a new trend among your friends so they too enjoy their senior years.

1.Getting Involved With Your Community - Referred to as blazing a trail with civic engagement this trail focuses on making a difference within your community by being active and helping others. Here are some facts and ideas to blaze your trail:

  • 1 in 4 Seniors Volunteer in their Community. Types of volunteering can include working as greeter in a local hospital or care center; there are a number of positions that can be planned according to your abilities.
  • Volunteer for an Interest of yours. This volunteer site will help you locate volunteer opportunities to fit your interests.
  • The Benefits of Seniors Volunteer are Encouraging. Seniors who volunteer live longer and have an overall happier life because of their sense of self worth.

2.Financial Security & Savvy - By now the majority of your planning is done; but, how do you guard what you've worked so hard for. Some areas of concern include:

  • Scams, Abuse & Financial Exploitation is Common Among Seniors. Take the steps needed to avoid common scams and exploitation with these tips from OAM 2016.
  • Financial Planning is always a smart move. We cannot avoid some things in the future and it's always good to have something in writing regarding who will be in charge of your finances if you can no longer do so or your estate needs to be managed.

3.Be the New Senior Role Model - Referred to as "Blazing a Trail to Reinvention" as part of the focus on Older Americans Month, this means that notice that people are living longer and better quality lives as we age.

  • Keep Active in both Mind & Body. Today's senior's deserve to celebrate their life and trying to remain active socially, physically, and with the mind; so take the time to keep active in every way you can!
  • Careers, Education and Social Functions are important. Now is the time that you can make those choices in life where YOU are in charge; this means starting a part-time career in an area you've always wanted to work, taking continued educational courses or even getting a degree, and participating in social activities that you have always wanted to (join a club, play bocci on a league, etc.).

4.Be Healthier as You Age - Often because we are living longer, we are also seeing an increase in chronic health issues. Here are some facts about how you can blaze the trail to wellness:

  • 80% of older Americans have a chronic illness according to OAM 2016 statistics. Be proactive about health screenings and making choices that can help enhance your own personal wellness.
  • Join a group or local facility to exercise! Senior based exercise programs are all around; from Silver Sneakers plans to local senior centers and programs you can almost always fall a low or no cost program to get you moving.

Senior Living Experts offers free services to help you find living conditions that embrace aging safely. Living alone increases the risk of death but accepting a style of living that encourages quality of life as you age can help you live a healthier, happier life

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