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Seniors and Occupational Therapy (OT) is not really what it may sound like. Many assume that OT deals with bringing you mentally and physically back to being able to "work"; hence the word "occupation." However OT is actually about becoming stronger and more independent with everyday life skills.

Seniors and Occupational Therapy

Seniors may experience a decrease in their ability to perform everyday actions of life. Occupational therapy can be offered in nearly every type of living condition; so the first step is to allow us to help you determine what living conditions are best for you and your particular situation."What do I need occupational therapy for? I don't work anymore?" is the most common question we hear when we explain how occupational therapy is a vital part of aging well. Here's how OT can help as we age:

  • Occupational Therapists - Develop, improve, sustain, or restore independence to a person who has an injury, illness, disability or psychological dysfunction that puts limitations on everyday actions. (Dressing, walking, feeding, stability, small motor skills, etc.)
  • OT Goals - The goals of the occupational therapist are generally to increase the quality of life by making everyday activities easier and promoting self sustenance that allows the senior to feel as though they are able to do much more as they progress with therapy. Getting back at least a part of independence that may have been lost with aging, medical issues or disabilities is the goal of OT.
  • The Senior's "JOB" - When we reach our senior years the first thought that comes to mind is "retirement"; however, senior's now have the most important job imaginable ahead... to LIVE life as fully and independently as possible. An Occupational Therapist serves the purpose of bringing seniors to this point by working with them regularly to conquer everyday life skills, no matter where they reside.
  • Muscle Weakness - As we age our muscles weaken and some everyday aspects of life can become more and more difficult. OT focuses on helping to strengthen your muscles and stability so that everything from small motor skills to larger muscular tasks (walking, sitting, etc.); making everyday life a little easier and enjoyable.

You've Determined Your Perfect Living Place - Is it Time for Occupational Therapy?

Senior Living Experts can help you focus on the best living conditions for you; which can include assisted living, living at home with caregiving, and more. Once you're comfortable with your living conditions it's time to determine how you can maintain and even improve your life, daily, with the help of certain therapies. April is Occupational Therapy Awareness month and we'd like to introduce you to the best way possible to age with the best quality of life possible. Seniors and occupational therapy are a combination that can bring light to your life and independence to your daily routine. Cited Works: The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)Photo by andreas160578 / Pixabay

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