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Mom is struggling at your childhood home, so you’ve started your senior living search. There are so many new terms- what do they all mean? Growing up, you had only heard of nursing homes and now you seem to be at a loss for what might be the best option for mom. This is a crucial decision as mom is so important to you and her quality of care and life are very surreal concerns of yours.

Why Do We Call Them Nursing Homes?

Since the mid 1980’s the senior care industry has become acutely aware of the needs of the aging, as they are dynamic and not one size fits all. An explosion occurred in the types of facilities that are offered to those searching for an assisted living solution. These options include hybrid, hospitality, housing, and health care. Since then, the options for assisted living have only become more and more abundant. This may sound overwhelming, but Senior Living Experts exist for this exact reason; we aim to best aid the aging population in all of Chicagoland, from, Barrington, to Schaumberg, to Highland Park.

Two Major Differences

Let's unpack and shed light on the different options available for senior living. First, let’s consider what the major differences are between assisted living and a nursing home:

  1. The services and care provided. For example, you may need a 24-hour nurse, or respiratory services.
  2. Physical structure that your loved one might live in. Different facilities have different price points.

It is very important to note that assisted living facilities have evolved over time to fit the needs of their patrons and to make them feel more at home. There are even senior care professionals and specific designers whose job is making sure that your loved ones are being heard, listened to, and cared for.

Lastly, remember: care is not one size fits all. There are options that have differing levels of care, differing communities, differing costs, different living cultures, and even have varied services such as memory care. In short, the options for assisted living are abundant and we are here to help you do your due diligence to make your loved one feel at home. Knowing even these basics will aid you in finding the best assisted living facility for someone you love.

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