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Someone who read my blog - blogged about one of my posts on their site!  I went to check it out and I really enjoyed many of the articles on there - very helpful stuff so check it out.

They had used part of one of my posts to start talking about when to look for senior living - basically they said plan now, not later which we all know.  Course we know that about our health, money, living wills, advance directives, etc... and we just don't do them. 

They are NECESSARY - especially the wills and advance directives.  Planning for senior care or housing is a wonderful compliment to the planning so that you are making the decision, not a doctor  or an uniformed niece (like in my last post!!)

Maybe this brings about the idea of the best new years resolution you could give yourself and your family.  Get your paperwork in order.  Make your life decisions now - you can always update and change them!  If you vow to do it then I will vow to do it as well! 

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