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I was so happy to find this email in my inbox the other day.  I think it really speaks to not only the need for the service we provide at Senior Living Experts, but the dedication that our team members have to helping.  Thanks Kerry!

We've recently moved my parents into an assisted living facility in the Western Suburbs from their house in Gurnee.  I started the process of looking at facilities way back in September 2009, about 1 1/2 years ago.   It's been a long road to get them moved.  In fact, they were supposed to move into an independent living apartment at another facility last fall.  At the last minute, they changed their mind and decided to stay put.   But with health declining, etc. they finally realized it was time to move to a place that was closer to my brother and also offered assistance.  

I just wanted you to know that Kerry Quirin has been with us the entire time.  When starting to look, I found your website and was directed to Kerry since she's familiar with the geographic area we were looking for.  (My brother is in Downers Grove and wanted my folks close to him if possible.)  I live in Portland, Oregon so had to do a lot over the Internet.  Kerry provided the recommendations for facilities to consider based on our needs.  

During the process which lasted months and months (off and on),  I can't even count the number of emails that have gone back and forth between me and Kerry.  She was tremendously helpful; all her recommendations were good and her insight seemed to provide calm in the midst of a storm!  What also struck me was how darned responsive she was to my inquiries.  No matter weekday or weekend, night or day -- it seemed that when I'd send her an email she'd get back to me within a couple of hours MAX.  And often times these questions required a lengthy, researched response!   My parents' well-being was top of mind for me and it was especially hard working long distance as I did. But Kerry was right there to answer a question or concern.  

I've gone on long enough with my story but I wanted you to know how valuable Kerry has been to my family.  She's a real asset to your organization!

I agree!  Thank You!!


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