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According to a survey conducted by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, the national average rate for a semi-private room in a nursing home is $191 daily ($69,715 annually.) The average cost for a private nursing home room nationwide is $212 daily.The national average for assisted-living care, the survey found, is $3,031 monthly (or $36,372 annually.) This represents a 2.1 percent increase from last year.The lowest average cost for nursing home care was found in Louisiana, where the cost of a private nursing home room averaged $132 and a semi-private room averaged $127.The state with the highest average nursing home costs was Alaska, where the average cost for a private room is $577 and $566 for a semi-private room.I have found that the nursing home cost in Chicago is about the same asthe national average but the assisted living cost (especially formemory care) tends to run higher.

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