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Lots of people are looking for a great gift idea for mom (or grandmother or auntie!) around this time.  And if mom is in a nursing home or assisted living or mom has Alzheimer's its even harder to find the perfect gift.  My dear grandmother had more bottles of White Linen then Estee Lauder herself even owned. 

When mom is recieving care - what is the perfect gift?  Well I think I found it.  I met the ladies who started a company called Nice-N-Cozy about a year ago at a caregiver conference.  When I saw their product I wished my grandmother was still alive so I could buy her something.  They make these wonderful fleece shawls that are easy to get in and out of and even easier to clean.  They have big pockets to hold tissues, and are warm.  Most seniors I know tend to be a little chilly so its a no brainer. 

My degree is actually in fashion design so I am kicking myself for not thinking of this simple but functional and pretty idea.  This year the girls have actually put together a mothers day basket that only cost $29.95.  It includes a shawl, fuzzy socks, and a lavender scented sachet that comes packaged in a pretty basket.  Lavender is very calmin for anyone, but the aromatherapy benefits for those with Alzheimer's is even greater in my opinion. 

Check it out if you are still searching for something to get mom.  If you do order something, please tell them that I sent you.  Here is the link to the Nice-N-Cozy Mother's Day Basket.

Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels

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