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You may have seen a lot of information about the Mediterranean Diet in the news lately. Senior Living Experts is celebrating International Mediterranean Diet Month with the world as we learn about how this lifestyle could be the answer to preventing dementia and disease.

The Mediterranean Diet

Our services help Chicago seniors find the best fit for their living needs for living to age safely, healthy, and as well as possible. Part of our goal is trying to keep seniors living an active lifestyle and eating well.

  • Mediterranean Diet Foods – Common foods include fresh vegetables, fruit, healthy oils, and fish. It embraces the lifestyle common to most that live in the southern area of the Mediterranean (Greece, Morocco, Italy, Turkey & the Middle East).
  • The Beginnings – It wasn’t until 1993 that this type of eating became well known. It’s been an accepted, healthy option in the medical community since.
  • In the NewsNBC news recently focused on the fact that the diet being promotes brain health. Newest confirmations are that the diet can actually help deter normal shrinking of the brain as we age.
  • Fighting Against Degenerative Diseases – As we age our immune system weakens; leaving us more prone to various diseases. This article from The Sun discusses the most recent & updated information regarding how the diet may help stave off these diseases.

5 Basics of the Diet

  1. The Mediterranean Diet Food PyramidThis food pyramid visually explains the foods incorporated into this style of eating. Just like the original food pyramid created by the USDA the smaller, top area are items you eat less of and the larger bottom area indicates healthy options you want to include more of in your diet.
  2. It’s a Lifestyle – What we need to remember is that any “diet plan” that is worth looking into should encompass an entire lifestyle. Eating the foods on the plan is just a part of a lifestyle; as shown by the bottom row of the food pyramid. Being active and social is a large part of following the Mediterranean lifestyle.
  3. The Food – The diet is focused on heart healthy foods, high fiber foods, beans, fish, fresh fruits & vegetables, and even up to 40% of calories coming from healthy oils. Limited foods include sweets, processed foods, red meats, cheese, and no more than 4 eggs a week.
  4. Focus on Taste – There is a focus on creating amazing flavor in the recipes associated with the Mediterranean diet. Fresh herbs and healthy oils help to add delightful flavors to a variety of foods in recipes from wonderful places.
  5. The Health Benefits – Research and studies have proven the health benefits of following the diet. A small sample of the benefits include:
  6. Anti-Aging
  7. Heart Health
  8. Inflammation Reduction
  9. Age Related Diseases
  10. Brain Health
  11. Cancer Fighting
  12. High in Anti-Oxidants

Join Us in Eating for Your Health

Choose to make the changes needed to increase your chances of a longer, healthier life. You deserve to enjoy your life as you age and this could be the answer for many of you, at any age.The Mediterranean Diet lets you enjoy foods that can include helping you fight against some of the negative effects of aging while enjoying a variety of fast & easy recipes.

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