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I was reading a copy of last months AARP Bulletin on our drive home from Florida and came across this article.  As I read it again out loud to my husband Jason who was driving, tears came to my eyes so I ripped it out so I could remember to share it on my blog.  I don't know who you are Teanne Harris, but I think you are the bomb.

Jilted Bride Throws Bash Anyways - When Teanne Harris' fiance got cold feet six days before their late October wedding, a retirement community in Des Plaines, Ill., got a special treat.

After finding out it was too late for a refund for the reception, Harris decided to turn her Halloween-themed wedding celebration into a holiday party for the 340 residents of Asbury Court Retirement Community.

"She didn't know anyone here," says marketing director Jean Higgason. "But she offered to move everything - food, flowers, table decorations and the DJ" - to the seniors.

"I worked really hard on planning for the perfect party, and it would have broken my heart even more to have it go to waste," says Harris, 34 of Bensenville, Ill.  The residents "helped me out by giving me some joy watching them enjoy it." - reported by Cathie Gandel.

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