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During this on-going global crisis one thing on the forefront of all our minds is the health and safety of our loved ones especially those who are older and require more care. Though it feels like the world has slowed down in some respects our loved ones are continuing to age and now might be the time that they are ready or needing to move into a senior living community, where less than 1% of residents get COVID-19. Even though this timing is not ideal here are some of the pros and cons of moving your senior loved ones into a senior living community.


Monitored Community

One of the biggest benefits and the reason many families move their loved ones to a community is for the consistent care and attention to medical needs (even small things that go unnoticed, like what they do to prevent falls). In a community residents health needs are always a top priority and are monitored closely this is very important with the risk of COVID-19. With this current health crisis what better place for your older loved ones to be then a place designed with their health needs in mind.

Sanitized with the Highest Standards

With COVID-19 one of the biggest suggestions given by our world health leaders is washing out hands and staying clean. Sanitation is a permanent top priority in senior living communities with an even bigger emphasis now. If your loved one struggles with independent self-care a senior living community can fulfil this need while also helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  

All Food, Care & Necessities Provided

I’m sure by this point everyone has heard and or is familiar with the term social distancing. By moving your loved ones into a senior living community full social distancing is easily obtainable. All residents' needs are fulfilled in one place this includes food, medicine and other daily needs so trips to the grocery store or pharmacy will no longer be needed. During this time getting all your loved ones’ needs met can be difficult but you can be assured that they will be met in a senior living community.

No Interactions with Strangers

Another great thing senior living communities are doing during COVID-19 is limiting foot traffic. By limiting interactions with those outside of the community they also limit the risk of COVID-19 spreading.


It's difficult to tour communities because of social distancing. How do you know this is the right one?

When picking out a senior living community for your loved ones one aspect many enjoy is touring to find the right one. But with limited foot traffic through communities touring will not be possible for most. Though this is a downfall with the help of technology, virtual tours and online resources can give potential residents an idea of what each community has to offer, mostly when it's so expensive.

You're moving your loved one to a new environment during a difficult time

With the COVID-19 health crisis ongoing many of us are tempted to freak-out and hoard resources, like toilet paper, during this challenging time. While so much is on our minds moving our loved one into a senior living community may seem like a worrisome task. Even with this it's important to remember that care staff want what's best for your loved one just like you and you will be moving them into safe hands.

You're moving your loved ones around other seniors, who are also at high risk

We all know that COVID-19 poses a bigger threat to those over 65 so for many moving your older loved ones in with other similarly aged people may seem like a bad idea. With this though being around others who are elevated risk does not necessarily mean you are at higher risk for contamination. About 9 out of 10 cases of COVID-19 are being spread by “silent spreaders” so placing your loved one in a senior care community does not increase their risk because these communities have the facilities to practice social distancing and room isolation to slow the spread.

While COVID-19 is interrupting many aspects of our normal life you can now know the pros and cons of moving your loved one into a senior living community during this difficult time.

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