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It’s IBS Awareness Month. We want you to understand how Chicago assisted living facilities can help irritable bowel syndrome in the elderly. Senior Living Experts can help make life a little easier for you or a senior loved one who suffers from IBS.

5 Ways Chicago Assisted Living Facilities Can Help Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the Elderly

First of all you need to begin the process of finding the right assisted living facility. There are a number of ways that Chicago assisted living facilities can help with irritable bowel syndrome in the elderly.

  1. Special Diet – The diet you eat is especially relevant in those who have IBS. Finding a facility that prepares meals will help manage the IBS as much as possible. Once you know your trigger foods your diet is the beginning of eating foods that can help manage your symptoms. This comprehensive list of common trigger foods will help.
  2. Other Health Issues – In addition to IBS it is common to suffer from other health issues too. Finding a facility to help with other health problems associated with IBS can make life easier by addressing the symptoms.
  3. Fibromyalgia – A significant statistic associated with IBS is that 60% of those who have it are also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. FMS takes a heavy toll on the body; but with assisted living there are options available to help with the symptoms. On site therapies & treatment for IBS is probably one of the most helpful resources.
  4. Stress & Anxiety – Both can affect those without IBS so it’s likely safe to assume that even without IBS stress plays havoc on the digestive system. It’s estimated that 60% of those who suffer from IBS have some type of mental disorder. Disorders are commonly associated with anxiety.
  5. Lack of Energy – One of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome includes suffering from tiredness and lack of energy. Having housekeeping and personal hygiene assistance can help seniors use their time to concentrate on doing things they enjoy. Light housekeeping and assisting you with getting ready to for your day allows you to focus on enjoying life and rest.

How Assisted Living Can Help Seniors with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Consequently choosing the right senior living facility can make a big difference in your quality of life. The amenities offered and chosen are as important as location of the facility when you need help with certain health issues.

Amenities of Assisted Living That Can Help Seniors with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

In Conclusion

Let our team help you find the senior living facilities that can give you quality of life while living with IBS. assisted living facilities in Chicago can help irritable bowel syndrome in the elderly when the facility offers the amenities to manage IBS symptoms.Photo by H o l l y.

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