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I received this bulletin last week and knew I had to share it with my fellow Illinois residents who care about seniors.AARP and the Alliance for Home and Community Care oppose the devastating cuts passed by the General Assembly. We are calling on the Governor, Legislative Leadership and all legislators to get back to Springfield and fix this budget before these cuts take effect. These cuts will affect your neighbors, friends, family and maybe even you.COMMUNITY CARE PROGRAM• Without additional funds, nearly 26,000 older Illinoisans will be cut off from services that allow them to remain independent. Without these services, many, if not all of them, will be forced to turn to more costly nursing homes for the care they need.ELDER ABUSE• The Elder Abuse Program will be eliminated under the Doomsday Budget.• Thousands of cases are investigated each year. Without someone to help victims of abuse connect to the services they need many will remain in their abusive situation. Elder Abuse workers protect seniors from financial, physical and sexual abuse. All too often, victims die as a result of abuse and neglect if they do not get the assistance they need.CIRCUIT BREAKER PROGRAM• 270,000 older Illinoisans will no longer receive prescription drug and property tax assistance through the circuit breaker program.VETERANS HOMES• Over 1,000 veterans will be kicked out of veterans homes losing critical health care services.DISABILITY SERVICES• 5,000 people with disability services will lose their option to receive services in the community where they remain independent. These services are also much cheaper for the taxpayers of Illinois.STOP THESE CUTS NOWThe people receiving these services along with their family, friends and caregivers are devastated by the budget that passed the General Assembly. It’s time to go back to work and put together a budget that truly serves the people of this State. The people of Illinois deserve more from their elected leaders from both parties.You can make a difference. Contact the Governor at 312-814-2121 and your State Representatives and Senators today at 1-888-616-3322 and tell them to return to the Capitol and pass a budget that truly serves the people of Illinois, especially older adults and persons with disabilities.

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