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"My grandpa moved in last Thursday and is loving it.  He says they treat him like a king.  If only we could have convinced him of that sooner."

I just received this email from a granddaughter I was working with over the past few months.  It was a long hard road to get the whole family on board.  In fact, it was one of the daughters who was holding on to the idea of having her father stay in his home more than the man himself.  He was tired of caring for the big house.  Plus, it had lots of stairs that he just could not get up and down anymore.  The first call to me was triggered because he had fallen in the kitchen and laid on the floor for almost a day before he was found.

Now he is living in a brand new construction building not far from his original home.  He has his own apartment and gets three hot meals a day. 

More importantly he is getting attention and love from staff and other residents.  (He is a big flirt and the ratio is in his favor...)

Not that his family didn't give him attention, but they can't cater to him 24 hours a day like many of the buildings I work with.  As a person who used to work in one, we love to do it and thats why we are there.

Don't wait until its too late to enjoy all these lovely communities have to offer.  I hate to see someone stay isolated and unsafe in their home, or even worse, go straight from home to the hospital to a nursing home.

Photo by AaDil from Pexels

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