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Retirement communities in the Gurnee area offer ideas for cheering up the lonely, in honor of Cheer Up the Lonely Day on July 11th, such as decorating the wheelchairs of seniors.Do something that matters and celebrate Cheer Up the Lonely Day on July 11th this year. Many people, particularly seniors, suffer from chronic loneliness; it is estimated that is one in five Americans are persistently lonely. Further studies show that lonely people have 14% increased risk of premature death. Check with Senior Living Experts to find senior services and resources that may help your loved one feel less-lonely, and that will improve overall quality of life. In the meantime, do something for someone else on Cheering Up the Lonely Day- or any day!

Retirement Communities in the Gurnee Area Offer Ideas for Cheering Up the Lonely such as:

Deliver some flowers

There is something about fresh flowers that brightens any day; take flowers to a lonely neighbor, friend, or stranger! Deliver them in person and save on florist costs, plus it will give you a chance to say ‘hello.’

Spend quality time

Sometimes, the most meaningful thing you can do for another person is to spend time with them. Make sure that it is time that is free from interruptions or distractions. Visit a library for a good book and read aloud, play games, or do a puzzle together. If you really want to celebrate Cheering Up the Lonely Day on July 11th, plan to have a party. Since this is so close to Independence Day, you may be able to find great discounts and savings on patriotic-themed party supplies!

Head outside

Take your lonely person outdoors for some fresh air; plan on having a picnic and enjoying the day, if the weather permits. You don’t have to prepare and pack a ton of food; make things simple. Pick up a loaf of fresh-baked bread, a pound of tasty cheese, and a bottle of wine or sparkling water. Head outside to a favorite picnic area, a nearby garden, or a scenic spot to enjoy the snack with your friend.

Get pet therapy

It has been proven that interaction with animals enhances well-being and is the perfect antidote for loneliness. Arrange for therapy dogs to visit your lonely person or people; ask local councils on aging or assisted-living facilities for more information.

Have a hug

It is reported that if you hug five people each and every day, you can cut your stress by 25%. Physical contact is healthy and is something that a lot of isolated and lonely seniors do not get a lot of. Give someone a hug- especially if they are lonely.

Bring some bling

Be silly and celebrate the day; decorate a wheelchair or walker to brighten a lonely person’s day. Pick up some crafting supplies- you don’t need a lot- and bring a little bling to their mobility device.

Speaking of wheelchairs, did you know that July is Wheelchair Beautification month? Use these ideas to sweeten up the ride of someone special:

Fresh flowers

Everything is better with fresh flowers- including your mobility device! Attach water tubes (the ones used by florists in arrangements and bouquets) to the armrests, sides, or hardware of a walker or wheelchair. Add a single bloom and perhaps some greenery- fresh herbs make a fragrant addition- for your loved ones with mobility issues.

Something sticky

There are so many cute and clever stickers found widely in crafting stores and sites; these make excellent decorations for a walker or wheelchair! You can also find decorative printed tape that you can wrap around handles, legs, or other element of a walker or wheelchair to give it a fun and festive look.

Colorful lights

Inexpensive glow lights are another great way to gussy-up a wheelchair. These come in pendant-style glow lights as well as cylindrical-shaped lights so you can tape or tie them to the chairs arms, back, or handles easily. Buy these online or at local dollar discount stores.

Old-school streamers and pipe-cleaners

Crepe paper streamers are a simple way to bring a celebratory air to anything- including a wheelchair. Another simple and fool-proof suggestion is to wrap colorful pipe cleaners around the spokes of the wheels. These are easy to add, and they won’t compromise the function of the wheel or create a hazard.

Something crafty

Plan-ahead and make wheelchair totes, bags, or caddies to share with your special people that use wheelchairs or walkers. These can be secured to the mobility device with ease, usually a button or Velcro, and will help lighten the load by carrying items for the user. Recruit crafty friends, coworkers, or neighbors to help you make a bunch of these totes to share with loved ones or to give to residents of a nearby assisted-living facility.Celebrate Cheering Up the Lonely Day by extending yourself to do something for someone else. Visit a residential or assisted-living center and brighten the day of those living there, or reach out to someone who lives alone and who might be feeling a little bit lonely. Review online resources for information related to senior services, programs, and providers. Representatives gather data with a personal care evaluation to find the right options and offerings to improve your senior’s life.

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