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There is no question that declining with age is common and can affect both physical and/or mental decline. However, as we see the numbers of aging adults increase drastically we can also see that aging in and of itself has changed through the generations.

Typical Factors of Declining with Age

First let's all agree that we are all different and there is no "typical" standard for aging. We all age differently; however, some factors may be acceptable as a part of declining with age.

Age Related Cognitive Decline

ARCD refers to how our minds change with age; in particular the cognitive declining with age that many can experience. Some changes are acceptable; while other changes are often brushed aside as "just typical aging" when they are not typical aging, especially when it affects your overall quality of life.

  • Mental Decline with Aging - Mental decline is often a part of aging; however, when the decline becomes a factor in your everyday life it is time to determine why. Some common causes can include:
  • Medication - some medicines can have side effects that can cause brain fog; making this important to bring to the attention of the prescribing physician.
  • Inactivity - being physically inactive can cause problems with circulation and even moderate to mild activity can increase your blood flow and oxygen flow, thereby increasing your overall health.
  • Excessive Stress - increased stress can result in a number of mental and physical issues; being socially active, exercising, and learning stress reduction techniques can be extremely helpful in clearing the mind.
  • Obesity - being overweight can have an ill effect on your general state of mind; not to mention that proper nutrition is always going to be helpful in feeding your brain and your body so that it can perform at it's best.

Physical Decline

Our bodies decline with age; however, how quickly our bodies decline can often be controlled with a proactive lifestyle to age healthy.

  • Falling - People assume that as you age you should expect to trip, be off balance, and even expect a fall. It's so important that you understand that falling is not a normal part of aging.
  • Fall Prevention - Assisted living can help you age actively and healthy while remaining Falls Free, a program from the NCOA that not only explains how important it is to keep from falling but how to prevent falling as you age.
  • Medication - can also be a factor in loss of balance and creating situations where you are at greater risk for falling. It's important to know the side effects of all medication & discuss them with your pharmacist or PCP.
  • Overall Healthy Lifestyle - There are a number of ways you can become proactive in living a healthier lifestyle. Let us help you find the best way to address declining with age and make your golden years some of the best years of your life.

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