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There are a number of signs that point to the need for looking into the many senior living options available to you for an aging loved one. However, finding the perfect fit isn't always easy; which is why Senior Living Experts can help make your decision easier.

What are some signs that it is time to seriously consider assisted living?

It has been my experience that too many families wait until thereis a crisis to consider assisted living for their loved one.  When acrisis happens, the senior is usually frail and unable to takeadvantage of all the benefits assisted living has to offer.

Many families tell us the wished they would have moved their loved ones sooner.

What are some signs that it is time to seriously consider assisted living?

Difficulty performing daily activities:

  • Wearing same clothes multiple days
  • Bathing less frequently - personal hygiene suffering
  • Not bothering to cook for one person, skipping meals
  • Laundry and housekeeping becoming a burden
  • Spends time in only a few rooms in the house

Memory loss:

  • Repeating questions or statements, multiple phone calls with the same questions
  • Leaving the stove on, frequently misplacing items

Medication concerns:

  • Forgeting to take medications - resulting in missed dosages - or taking more than required
  • Running out of medications - or not properly ordering medications from the pharmacy
  • A lot of expired medications around

Lack of Socialization:

  • Losing touch with friends and isolating themselves
  • Loss of intrest in activites once enjoyed such as going to church
  • Showing signs of depression, for example sleeping a lot or crying
  • Loss of spouse, relatives and long-time friends


  • Becoming increasingly paranoid or fearful of others
  • Afraid to be alone at night
  • Becoming more dependent on family members
  • Feel neighborhood is not as safe as it used to be

Safety concerns:

  • Stairs and steps make it more likely to fall
  • No help nearby if fall or emergency occurs
  • Difficulty getting in and out of tub or on and off of toilet
  • Increase in 'stuff' around house causing fall risks

8 Signs It's Time to Discuss Senior Living Options

  1. Falls or Injuries - If you find that an aging love one has been falling often, see signs of possible falls or injuries, or they seem unstable when walking around it may be time to look into finding the proper senior living options for them. This doesn't always mean they necessarily have to leave their home as there are options for both assisted living and in home caregiving that may fit your needs.
  2. Hygiene/Dressing Issues - If you're finding that they tend to be dressed in the same outfit or two every time you visit or notice that they seem disheveled, this could be a sign that they're having difficulties. Not bathing or having numerous urinary tract infections (UTI's), especially with women, is a sure sign that they could benefit from senior care.
  3. Diet - Keep an eye on food items on hand and take notice if food is not being eaten or remains in the refrigerator spoiled; this likely means that they aren't eating and could benefit from one of the many senior living options available in order to have meals prepared for them regularly.
  4. Confusion/Memory Loss - Confusion when performing everyday tasks could be a sign of some type of dementia going on; whether from Alzheimer's or other possible diseases. Utilizing one or more of the senior living options available is one of the best ways to help ensure safety and quality of life when signs of dementia are present.
  5. Paranoia - It's not uncommon for an elderly person who lives alone to feel fearful about their overall safety; often because they continuously watch television, including news that focuses mainly on all of the bad things happening around us. Taking advantage of various senior living options can help end feeling afraid and alone.
  6. Missing Appointments - Missing appointments, especially when it comes to doctor appointments and medical testing, can be detrimental. Many senior living options available will help ensure they are being treated regularly.
  7. Problems Moving Around - Having trouble standing up from a seated position, keeping balanced when moving around, or tripping/increased falls all point to the need to make some senior living changes.
  8. Lack of Maintenance - If areas your loved one used to take pride in are now falling to the wayside, it could be a sign that they can no longer keep up with all they need to do. Senior living options address things like having a well kept lawn, garden and more.

When is it time to move a loved one to assisted living?

Patricia Grace is one of the many passionate elder care advisers that I follow on Twitter.  I recently ran across this article of hers and had to share as it is such a common question I get when people find out what I do. Here is the beginning of the article:Making the decision to move a parent or loved from their home intoan assisted living, retirement or nursing community is never an easydecision. If you find yourself questioning the safety of your parent(s)living alone then perhaps you and your family should consider thefollowing:• Are you concerned your loved one might wander off and not find their way home?• Are you unable to provide daily social interaction with your loved?• Are you getting frustrated and angry caring for your loved one?Ifyou answered yes to these questions then the time might be right tomove that elderly person to a senior housing community. Although makingthe decision to move a loved one can be very emotional and difficult,once it has been accomplished it can lead to an improved quality oflife for everyone involved.Talking about making changes in your loved one's life and discussing the number of senior living options available can be a difficult but important conversation and we can help find the option that's right for you.Photo by kimheimbuch0 (Pixabay)

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