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Assisted living facilities in Gurnee help keep quality of life high for their senior residents with tactics that can easily adapt to other home environments. Some suggestions include creating a sense of community, preserving independence, and assisting with daily tasks. Typically, the goal of senior caregivers is to preserve or improve the quality of life for those in their care. There is a lot to be learned from those with expertise in aging, and assisted living facilities in Gurnee help keep quality of life high for those in their care with some simple and adaptable strategies. Looking for assisted living facilities in the area? Senior Living Experts can help point you in the right direction- from the comfort of home!

Assisted living facilities in Gurnee help keep quality of life high for senior residents:

Did you know that 11% of seniors over age 75 require daily assistance of some type? Often, simple daily help with the consumer’s activities of daily living (ADLs) can make the difference in living autonomously and independently or not. Consider the many ways that assisted living facilities in the region preserve and strive to improve everyday life for the seniors residing there:

Daily Activities

Assisting seniors with daily activities, such as meals, housework, and grooming can improve life- especially for those living with a disability or physical limitation.


The aid and camaraderie of an assisted living setting preserves a sense of autonomy for those that live there. While they are supported, they are also given the freedom and independence to choose how they spend their time. The ‘neighbors’ and other residents may remind seniors of previous homes and living situations, which may make them feel more comfortable.


Assisted living facilities offer safety and security that can contribute to peace of mind


When seniors live in an assisted living situation, they are part of a close-knit community. As such, assisted living facilities offer group events, outings, and activities which further reinforces the solidarity of being part of this community. This participation can build esteem and improve quality of life.


Assisted living can provide seniors with rides to and from social, community, or personal activities and appointments. This also ensures access to providers, practitioners, and treatment, without any transportation hurdles.


Assisted living facilities typically offer a wide-range of activities, events, and opportunities to engage. The residents create their own community, making friends and participating in activities with one-another on a daily basis.


assisted living facilities also provide the mobility aids and devices that are made to compensate for physical impairments and increase overall accessibility. Staffing and technology make it possible to provide one-on-one interventions and assistance in these types of living environments.

Adopt these strategies in your senior’s home situation:

If your senior doesn’t benefit from the offerings of an assisted living situation, adopt and adapt these techniques to their special living arrangement. Consider these very-basic strategies that you can aim for every day to improve your senior’s life and make the transition with these tips:

Foster friendships and facilitate fraternizing

Encourage your senior to engage and socialize as much as possible. Frequent, brief visits may be best suited when your loved one has dementia. Accommodate their socialization with neighbors, family members, or others that visit the home, especially if they don’t have a lot of friends nearby.

Keep an eye out for depression

Make sure to monitor your senior’s mood for signs of depression. It is not uncommon for older individuals to experience symptoms of depression, especially after a significant event like the loss of a spouse, move, or medical event. Ask your geriatric provider for suggestions and medications to help.

Give something to look forward to

Help your senior with finding a sense of purpose. Set small, attainable goals that provide a focus and a responsibility. Some find that pets can offer that feeling of being needed, while also bringing other therapeutic effects to the home.

Encourage activities of all kinds

Keep seniors engaged and active with outings, hobbies, and conversations. Stimulate seniors’ mentally with puzzles, games, and books; encourage physical activity with trips to museums, daily walks, or shopping trips.

Avoid burn-out

It is important to prevent and avoid caregiver burn-out, which can often occur when seniors live- with or rely on specific family members to get needs met. Enlist some help from others to lighten the load; this can go a long way in improving morale and preventing burn-out.

Strive to improve the overall quality of life for your loved one with these practical approaches to aging. Looking at assisted living options in the area? Senior Living Experts can provide the information, insight, and contacts to make the transition smooth and pleasant for all involved.

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