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We would like to take the time to help you discover ways to honor senior veterans in your life & community. November 11, 2016 is Veterans Day. It’s a great time to let someone know that their service mattered.

How to Honor Senior Veterans

Honoring veterans of any age is important. However, to honor senior veterans is especially important because many may not have received the thanks they deserved.

  • The USO – The USO has played a big role in many of our veterans’ lives. Senior vets will be able to tell you about USO dances, USO Shows & more. Find out more about the USO here.
  • Celebrate Their Life – Take the time to celebrate the life of a veteran. It’s important to let them know that their service truly made a difference. You can celebrate with a small party, a photo montage or any other ideas you can think of.
  • Volunteer at a Senior Community – Find out if a senior living community near you is celebrating Veterans Day. See how you can help with their celebration. (Remember to plan ahead!)
  • Veterans in Your Life – If you have a senior veteran in your life take the time to make their day special. Hang a new flag in an area they can see regularly or simply stop by with a special treat to say “thank you for serving.”
  • Know the History – Find documentaries, books, and movies that teach you more about the wars that a senior veteran may have been active in. These would include WWII, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Viet Nam, etc. Each of the wars listed is a link with more information.
  • Visit the Local VA – Call ahead to see if you can visit your local VA hospital. Take the time to talk to the veterans about what it was like to serve.
  • Have a Talk –Take the time to talk to a veteran. Many senior vets are lonely. Use these guidelines to help you know how to talk to a vet.
  • Don’t Forget Women – Women weren’t always recognized or allowed to serve their country. Learn more about women in the military & take time to talk to a senior woman who helped our country.

3 Gift Ideas to Honor Senior Veterans

If you know someone in your family who is a senior veteran, take the time to make their day special. Here are a few gift ideas:

  1. Dessert – A healthy dessert can be fun to share. Use some of these red, white, & blue dessert ideas.
  2. Video – Something as easy as using your cell phone to create a video log of stories from a senior vet you know will be priceless. You, the vet, and their entire family will be able to enjoy these memories throughout time. Here are some tips to help you out.
  3. Read to a Senior Vet – Take the time to visit a local VA hospital and read. One on one time with a senior vet can be very important to them. Here’s the link to our Chicago, IL VA Hospital.

Senior Living Experts is proud to provide services to many senior veterans. Please help us honor senior veterans this year and make a difference. Photo by ** RCB **

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