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Paul Moseley joins me on my BlogtalkRadio show, Tuesday, January 19th, 11 am Eastern time. Paul will share his personal story, challenges and rewards as he cared for two aging and ill parents at the same time.  His parents spent the last 4 years of their lives in separate facilities. For many of us, caring for one aging parent seems overwhelming.  But, consider adult children who have two needy parents, often with very different illnesses and needs. You will learn from Paul and walk away from hearing his story with a smile on your face. Paul and his parents both maintained a positive attitude in spite of their health challenges.Click here to listenTagged as: Aging Parent, assisted living, Caregiver, Caregiving, Eldercare, Elderly, Nursing Home


Listen to Dale's shows if you can - she finds the greatest people with the greatest information. And share with friends as I am sure we all have one or two who are in this situation. Thank you Dale for your tireless work in the field.

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