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At one point or another, many families will have to discuss senior living in the Chicago area with their elderly relatives. People, in general, often don’t want to be taken away from their homes. Over the years, they’ve built countless priceless memories there. So, when you open up the possibility of senior living, many might reject the idea completely.

Unfortunately, allowing seniors to remain in their homes while their health deteriorates may not be the best decision. It can be dangerous for their physical and mental health. And not to mention, it will also take a toll on the mental health of family caregivers. So how then can you convince your aging parents to move to a senior living community?  

Chicago area elderly man being helped up by a nurse in assisted living

How to Persuade Aging Loved Ones to Move to a Senior Living Community  

What Do Senior Living Communities Offer?

Most people assume that a conventional nursing home is similar to senior living communities. Although these two share similarities, they are different in many ways. Senior living offers a homey, comfortable, and warm environment for seniors.

It’s a place where they receive the support and care they need to maintain their quality of life despite their age. These communities also offer an excellent avenue for the elderly to socially interact with other residents and participate in fun and engaging community activities.  

Senior living offers laundry services, escorting, dressing, bathing, incontinence assistance, and medication management. In addition, all the residents are given three full meals a day, outings, utilities, housekeeping, and 24/7 accessible staff.  

In a senior living community, you don’t have to worry about your parents being on their own or getting anxious that they might hurt themselves or take the wrong medication. Someone will always be there to look after them.

Who Qualifies for Senior Living?  

If your parents keep forgetting to take their medications, they are unsure about the dosage or frequency, or they are having difficulty completing activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing, they can benefit from senior living communities. Even though they will be getting professional assistance, these communities encourage independence.

Every person’s needs are different. Your loved ones will be thoroughly assessed to determine what type of care they need.

Nevertheless, seniors who have had a fall or those who are suffering from nutritional deficiencies, and those who need help with activities of daily living, are good candidates for senior living communities. You’ll know if it’s time when you are constantly worried about your parent’s safety and well-being.

The challenge isn’t about deciding whether they need senior living; the real test is to convince them to leave their beloved homes. How can you convince your parents to go for it?

Two hands clasped in comfort at an assisted living community in the Chicago area

What Can You Do to Convince Them to Try Senior Living?  

#1 Talk Casually About Senior Living

Don’t start out with a formal presentation or an educational session with your loved ones. Instead, talk about it casually. You can start by saying that your friends’ parents gave it a shot, and they were delighted being in senior communities.

Talk about real people with real experiences. You also don’t have to state the name of the living option. You can just explain what it offers and how it can make their lives more comfortable, safer, and easier for them.

#2 Be Prepared for Questions

If you are going to convince your aging parents to try senior living, you must be prepared. You’ll be presented with numerous questions, and if you can’t answer them, they will get discouraged. So, the best thing you can do is to do your research. For example, you may use search engine sites to gather information about senior living or call these communities yourself and ask them questions.

#3 Wait for the Perfect Moment  

The timing of your offer also matters a great deal.  For example, if your mom slipped and hurt her knee, you can use that opportunity to let her know that a senior living community can keep her safe since the place is fully equipped with safety features to keep accidents at bay. This will give your parent some time to digest the information and acknowledge the need for help.  

#4 Look for Referrals  

Another effective way to convince your loved ones to go to a senior living community is to find someone you know whose parents are thriving well in such communities. It’s also a good way to let them know the possible outcomes of being a senior living community resident.

#5 Tour Them Around

Senior living communities offer delectable meals and fun activities for their residents. You can take your parents there for a tour so they can get a feel of what it’s like to be in such a facility. Show them around and ask for their opinions.

Would they prefer to be in a smaller community or a bigger one? Does the living condition fit their standard? Is the place comfortable for them? What can they say about the location or the food? Did they have fun with the activities? The answers to these questions will help you find a facility that suits them best.  

#6 Talk About the Benefits

If you’re looking for a tactic that will make your parents want to be in a senior living community, you should start talking to them about the perks of living in one. Emphasize the advantages of a senior living facility both for them and for you.

Let them know that they will get the assistance they need whenever necessary. In addition, all the staff members are trained to respect personal space even if they offer professional help.

Seniors can focus their attention on tasks and activities they enjoy instead of using up all of their energy on chores. These chores are done for them.  

Three elder men in the Chicago area enjoying life in an assisted living community

Would You Like to Learn More About Senior Living in Chicago Area?

If you have more questions or wish to learn more about our services so you can explain them better to your parents, feel free to come to us, and we’ll answer all your questions.

At Senior Living Experts, our advisors will work closely with you and your family to help you find the perfect place for your parents.

We have been working with over 230 communities, and we’ve helped hundreds of seniors live better and more comfortable lives with the array of options we offer. Call us today to learn more about assisted living and nursing homes.

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