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We're here to help you learn how to compare pricing between different assisted living facilities because making a decision about where to place a loved one or live as an aging senior isn't easy. We're here to help you if you are looking for assisted living in the Chicago area; making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

The Facts About Assisted Living Pricing

  • Prices Aren't All Inclusive - The price you pay entering a facility won't be the price you'll be paying later in life as needs change.
  • Size of Apartment - It's imperative that you choose the right sized apartment for now and for the future. Like any apartment, price is partially based on size.
  • Price Shock - Most people have price shock when listening to the "menu pricing" of assisted living costs; assuming that this is not a feasible choice. Understanding how to afford assisted living is just as important as understanding how to compare pricing between different assisted living facilities.
  • Additional Fees - You need to be fully aware of additional fees that can apply throughout the entire time you choose and live in assisted living. Every place has their own fees and how they apply, so every place you look at will be slightly different.

How to Compare Pricing Between Different Assisted Living Facilities

  1. Create a List - Begin by creating a list of your current needs for assisted living. This list will change as you begin visiting because various amenities will be brought to your attention as you visit different assisted living facilities.
  2. Assume Nothing - Ask questions about everything and it's cost because hidden costs and fees are what can put you above the price level you can afford.
  3. Assistance - Find out what type of assistance is available in your area. Certain facilities may also offer price reductions for everything from income levels to other qualifications that can help you afford a place that you may think you can't.
  4. Long Term Care Benefits - Purchasing long term care benefits is one of the best options for before the need arises. We can assist you in purchasing these type of benefits which can be extremely beneficial when the time comes to search for assisted living.
  5. Costs - There is no question that assisted living can be overwhelming. Here in Chicago the cost of assisted living can be as high as $5,000 a month.
  6. Government Funding - You may be surprised to find what Medicare covers for long term care costs in seniors. Become acquainted with the funding that is available to you in your area (something that Senior Living Experts can help you with).
  7. Reverse Mortgages - There are pros and cons to reverse mortgages, which can be used to help pay for assisted living. Get informed!

If this all seems overwhelming to you then you really should seek out the professional expertise that Senior Living Experts can offer. We want you to fully understand how to compare pricing between different assisted living facilities and help you if you're in the Chicago area. Photo by steinarhovland (Pixabay)

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