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How should you choose Chicago assisted living facilities?Senior Living Experts offers free assistance in helping you find the best fit for you and your needs.

Tips to Help Choose Chicago Assisted Living Facilities

We are here to serve you in finding the right fit for senior living options. First, we want you to understand our services as explained here. We guide you by evaluating your situation and then providing you with options for YOU to choose.

5 Tips to Help You Choose Chicago Assisted Living

  1. Types of Living Choices – This article explains the various types of senior living. There are a number of options available for seniors and we can assist you in finding the best options available for your financial situation, abilities, needs, and desires.
  2. Illinois Financial Aid – Unfortunately finances will play a big part in your decision; but you have options. Illinois offers various state financial aid programs that can help.
  3. National Financial Aid – There are also a variety of National financial aid programs that can help with the costs of senior living. This Eldercare Financial Assistance tool can help you find programs that you may qualify for on a national level.
  4. Location – According to the Paying for Senior Care website, searching for senior living in the outer areas of the urban Chicago area costs decrease. Moving further away from the cities and into more suburban areas can help decrease costs by as much as 25% in some instances.
  5. Ability to Accommodate – Your needs will change as you age; especially if you currently have a degenerative disease. Take your worst case scenario and make sure that the facility you are choosing has the ability to change with your needs.

Personalized Fit for How to Choose Chicago Assisted Living

Many people forget to think that part of what you are looking for when you choose Chicago assisted living is the “living” part! You need to choose your senior living with these 5 main points in mind for your current situation and the future:

  • Physical – The physical needs for now and the future need to be met. If you or your loved one has Alzheimer’s; will the living style you choose be able to meet the care needs for dementia? If you have diabetes, will there be a way to ensure you get healthy snacks and meals as you age? Simply put, you need to sure that your physical aging needs can and will be met in the future.
  • Social – Are you a highly social person or someone that enjoys hobbies? Remaining socially active is a large part of aging successfully. Make sure that there are enough interesting events and functions available to keep you busy.
  • Mental – You need to remain mentally stimulated as you age. You also need to have access to therapies and care that can deal with different possible mental aspects of aging (dementia care, depression, memory stimulation, focusing on a clear mind that can think well for as long as possible).
  • Financial – You need to ensure that you will be able to afford services currently and into the future. We can help you find out what amenities are included and what will be additional as you need them. These additional amenities could end up doubling your bill (or more) as your needs change. Be sure you find a place that you can afford if your needs change.
  • Health – You want to be sure that your choice for senior living facilities will help you keep active and as healthy as possible. You also want to be sure that as your health changes the facility can keep up with your needs. This can include having on site physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapies, on site nursing staff, and even a facility physician.

The New Senior Lifestyle

Today’s seniors are active, hands-on, knowledgeable and wanting to age well.When you’re finding your way to the future of your golden years go with your heart. Let us assist you when it’s time to choose Chicago assisted living facilities so that you can find the place that will continue to feel like home, filled with happiness every day.Unsplash Photo by Tiago

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