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March is National Kidney Health Month and Senior Living Experts would like to share information to help you determine how Chicago assisted living facilities could help you promote better kidney health. Your kidneys are extremely important organs that do more than simply remove toxins from your body.

Promoting Kidney Health in Seniors

The services we provide can be exceptionally helpful if you are dealing with kidney function issues. Finding you a senior living facility that understands how to deal with kidney health can make big difference in your quality of life.

7 Facts About Your Kidneys That May Surprise You

  1. The kidneys produce Vitamin D; helping your bones stay strong.
  2. They help control the production of red blood cells.
  3. Kidneys release hormones that regulate blood pressure and control the metabolism of calcium.
  4. Having diabetes greatly increases your risk for kidney disease. If you have diabetes your physician will most likely test your urine for proteins in order to keep informed about their function.
  5. Your kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood daily and produce approximately 1 to 2 quarts of urine.(C*C)
  6. They keep minerals in check; making sure the minerals maintain the balance needed for the body to function properly. The kidneys are like a little chemical gateway to help your body maintain the proper chemical balance to operate.
  7. Kidneys balance your body’s fluids so that it operates properly.

5 Ways Chicago Assisted Living Facilities Can Help Promote Kidney Health In Seniors

There are a number of ways that finding the right assisted living facility can help you maintain kidney health; especially if you are at risk or already battling kidney disease. Living with help around you can make a world of difference in your quality of life.

  1. Keeping Track – If you are worried about kidney function it is important to know how much fluid you are taking in and how much you are putting out. This can be done with consistent tracking and documentation by the staff. Trying to keep up with this at home can be confusing and sometimes isn’t as easy as it may seem in an at-home atmosphere.
  2. Recognizing SymptomsThese symptoms can point towards possible problems with kidney function. Having a trained staff available who checks on you regularly and notes any changes will most likely allow for any symptoms to be noticed much quicker than by just doctor’s visits. The faster any disease or health issue is treated, the better.
  3. Comfort Care – The main purpose of choosing assisted living is to provide comfort and quality of life. Your overall health is the focus of the staff of senior living facilities; including your kidney health. Being taken care of and allowing you to enjoy other things in life is one of the greatest benefits of assisted living.
  4. Diet – Having assistance or completely being provided with meals is one way that assisted living can help you maintain healthy kidneys with diet. DaVita offers this interesting article on 15 Healthy Foods for People with Kidney Disease. You may be surprised it’s not just focusing on “low sodium.”
  5. Treatment – You may find that treatment is easier on you when it is approached by a professional staff whose main goal is to care for you and your overall health. Having a staff on duty to work with your needs as they change will be much easier than having to get yourself to different places for different treatments. The facility can handle making sure you get to appointments, treatments and do as much as possible right there in the comfort of the facility.

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Senior Living Experts can make it happen! Whether it’s dealing with kidney health or other health issues, it’s time to take charge of your life and find the place that fits your needs.(C*C) According to the NIDDK – NIH “Your Kidneys and How They WorkPhoto by TheArches

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